The Quest ECSS Fathers day/4th of July Rescue

We had a rescue that we had been watching for awhile but with no money, I took to the streets and held up my cardboard sign. After being harassed by Police for panhandling, I came up short. An Ambassador raised more funds but it went thru Facebook so it is unknown if we will ever […]

End of May Rescue 2019

End of May Rescue 2019 Some of our Team had been watching a small brothel that had acquired some little girls. It did not have a lot of security but had a steady business. Volunteers had been watching it for about a month and knew the times of the guards, how many, number of customers […]

May 2019 Rescue One for the Quest Record Books

May 2019 Rescue One for the Quest Record Books As most you know, we were about out of money and were looking at a multiple city rescue. In order to do it safely, we would need to pay some officials and police and also a few local chiefs to do this. If you don’t know […]

The Quest ECSS Rescue April 2019

This is another one of those rescues that could not have been done without the fundraiser or without all of those that have been helping us. So, here I am again thanking you but it seems I can’t ever thank you enough. Every time we rescue these kids I sort of have a PTSD moment […]

The quest ecss human trafficking March rescue in and out

This is another one we had been wanting to rescue for awhile but lacked the funds. This one had currently 24 girls with 4 guards and was inside city. This one we had put on hold due to so many eyes to see us and it was surrounded by many businesses and foot and motor […]

Midnight run rescue

Midnight run rescue March We just completed another rescue but it took a lot to get it done but I think the dust is settling now. Since the fundraiser we have restored needed repairs to four orphanages and some improvments along with updated paperwork so they can stay in operation. Also got some new food […]

The Quest ECSS additions to our cause January 2019

This is a update that I am very happy about since the fundraising event. What we do most of you know but one thing that is not talked about is what happens after. You know the main job that they are taken to places like orphanages and such to heal, be safe, go to school, […]

Febuary 2019 The Quest ECSS Rescue

Our attention was drawn to the boarders between a country we work in and one we mostly don’t. We have had a lot of information that gangs were collecting girls from ages 11 to 14 and taking them into their country and selling them both in side street brothels and as for sale to older […]

Village rescue January 2019

We have been watching this brothel for a good while. It is run by government officials in this small Village. When you are dealing with small towns cities villages or such it is a more difficult rescue due to everyone knowing each other and it would be easy to expose one of the good people […]

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