Since the fundraiser January 2019

This particular brothel has been on our radar for quite some time. Unfortunately it is run by several government officials and this makes our mission quite difficult because of the fact that its under the protection of government officials and also because its located in a very small village where everyone knows everyone’s business. It […]

Fundraising rescues 3

This one had been near and dear to our heart. It was constantly being monitored by the volunteers but it position made it almost impossible to conduct a rescue without funds. It was located on a river and access to front was wedged in by many houses and exits from city were extremely difficult. The […]

Fundraising rescue 2

Team on the ground ready for rescue we have been waiting to dol. In outskirts of large city. The girls see several customers a day and are in bad health. They, the team have insider access at a local hospital and are securing an area for us to bring all that we will need treatment. […]

Fundraising rescues 12/15-16/2018

Philippines rescue. The city is highly populated and we have not attempted a rescue here because of the danger and needs we did not have before. We paid off several government officials to be unavailable. Many volunteers used here. been waiting a long time did not have the medical supplies we knew we would need […]

Retaliation rescues The Quest ECSS final totals

Sorry it has taken me so long I have fallen on some really hard times and time is a little difficult right now, but the Quest ECSS will not pause. So Proud of my friggen team!!! On the kids rescued from being brought in by middle men and from sources like parents selling them, or […]

Retailation rescue The Quest ECSS 3

Now for the meat. We had an option of 8 child brothels in this area but there was no way to do all of them unless we had a large army. The locals willing and unwilling knows we will leave and would help the gang. The authorities all were in the pocket of the gangs. […]

Retaliation Rescues The Quest ECSS 2

Now as the rescues were underway another team joined with another due to both had an overlap in missions. Auction House where they sold kids to highest bidder in internet. The other team was focused on local homes where the gangs had little girls webcam and strip and other things for money online. Our intel […]

Retaliation Rescue Executing The Quest ECSS 1

Did a roll call and everyone was in place. For the first time I had a real live map in front of me. Most was drawn by volunteers due to lack of maps with real streets and our information. To keep track of everyone I had to have immediate access to where and what the […]

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