“I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you.”


School Of Promise Project

Our Team’s Building Projects Part of what we do when finding a home for our kids is to secure it with Our Guards 24/7 and build a protective line of defense from any intruders. In addition to their physical protection, we provide the ability to accept or deny any visitors and vendors. Physically, we build borders and security systems along with teaching the kids and teachers what to do immediately if they feel something is not right. In one of our safe houses, we have built tunnels, vegetable gardens, and even a fishpond. The extra veggies are canned and stored in the tunnels for later use. This is always an ongoing process and very expensive, as you can imagine but, we get it done. We continually strive to make our kids’ houses safe and secure in a way that they can begin their new lives uninterrupted and in peace.


It only takes $20.00 per month for one child. This includes: rescues, food, education, clothing, medicine, counsel and safe shelter.

Our Values

We serve all children, all races and all beliefs.

Our Mission

Our mission is to rescue as many children from the inhumanity of sex slavery and human trafficking as possible. We work to offer our rescued souls a new opportunity to recover, create a new story and with the grace of GOD go on to live a life free from captivity and torture.