Our Story

They call me Z by the way, I am the CEO and creator of the Quest ECSS. The ECSS stands for ending child sex slavery.

Well it was many years ago and I was a Military Contractor and I would take off times in 3rd world countries away from things where life was raw and hard. It allowed me to clear my head from what I had just gone thru. During this off time I noticed people that looked like me showing up and disappearing in the shadow towns usually with local boys. My curiosity got the best of me and followed one of these foreigners one night. I witnessed these men renting little girls at child sex brothels. This was life altering and put me in a deep mind bend. That night I was in a complete subconscious madding and could not sleep. I knew something like this existed but not like what I had witnessed that night.

In the morning I tried to follow my routine and get coffee and watch the world go by but I was still pretty messed up on several levels. I am not suppose to feel and all I wanted to do is something but what. I wont tell you how dark I got inside. Then as life would have it a Priest made his way to me as if we were suppose to meet. I let go of that, then he walked directly up to me. After some introductions and small talk the Priest began to trust in me and told me he would do a rescue to save these children and if all went well they hoped to save a couple of the girls. I listened to his plan and it was a really bad plan. I explained to him this is what I do and I would like him to let me help him and get all the girls out. With some hesitation he agreed. It took three days to train his friends and we were ready.

I could feel something had happened to me I just could not explain it and had to get that out of my mind at least till this was all over. It was game day and all went exactly as planned, well sort of. As they girls were rounded up and taken to the vans I had waiting the Priest told me there was one left in another room. I went to her and stopped it was a little girl of about 5 years old and then I grabbed her and she fought me all the way to the van. It was crowded and she had to remain on my lap. It was a long ride to the safe house and the girl had settled down but I dared not look at her. I told myself I did not want to scare her but I also thought I might make me feel and I could not be that way and do my chosen work.

Then a while had passed and we were almost to the safe house and without thinking I looked at the little girl and all I could see was her eyes. I disappeared in them and so much flashed thru my head and I realized this is what I have been training all my life to do. I cleared my head and could feel my eyes leaking a little and at that moment the little girl hugged me.

As time passed I could never escape that moment and the longer I avoided giving my life to it, it became clear I had to do this but how. Well I started to do some rescues and then X Military, Contractors, Churches, Temples, Nuns , Monks and regular joined me. I don't know how they found me or who was guiding me but it was happening.

Today we are The Quest ECSS, we do this work from unconditional hearts with some that have paid the ultimate price for the kids. No one gets paid to this day and have become the best in the world in this cause. To this day we have passed over 1900 rescues and protect them heal them teach them and have had two what we call graduate with skills and many friends. I will do this work till my last breath. I am Zaysan of the Quest ECSS and we have changed the world. Join us!


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