About Us

The QuestECSS is a 100% all volunteer group of individuals who rescue children from the inhumanity of child sex slavery and human trafficking. ‚Äč We are a team of grassroots, boots on the ground everyday people who believe that every child enslaved must be freed and won't stop until these crimes against humanity are irradiated forever.


Before the rescue, we collect as much information as possible. We find out how many children are there and hopefully what conditions they are in. Some of our people will watch and others enter the location in order to get a layout. We monitor the target house, guard's hours and how many guards are on duty. At the same time, looking for all the possible ways to get in and out of the location; we find the escape routes and where our spotters can watch as we leave. Once we have collected enough information, we move in with a military style rescue. Depending on the number of children, we bring a vehicle to transport them to a safe location (SAFE HOUSE). The locations where the children are held captive are mostly in third world countries. There can be hundreds of locations connected; some with electric power, some without. The conditions the children are living in are unconscionable and unfit for human life. Most locations are built with what we call trash like mud blocks, metal scraps and so on. They are mostly located in a maze of streets. Some locations have tunnels underneath to go to other streets. Sadly, these locations are owned by gangs, police, and even government officers.


Safe house is a temporary place that allows a time break in order to asses the children's needs. We provide them with clothing, medical evaluation in case they are wounded or ill. During the assessment, a volunteer informs the rescued children letting them know that they have been rescued and will be moved to a safe place to live and what to expect.

Next, they are taken to a place we have secured for them to begin a new life with safety, health, healing, counseling, schooling and most importantly they find friends.

Our volunteer team provides 24/7 security at each destination to ensure that every child remains safe. Our focus on this part of our rescues has given us a 100% non-recycle rate which means that every child that we have rescued remains free and safe to this day.