Mission Report 111123

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The Quest ECSS

Human Trafficking

Mission Report 111123


Just outside major city.


Asian Gang


12 girls ages 10 to 12 very week getting a cup of rice per day see several customer a day. Shanty building set alone with some small businesses across the street. Late evening there is only one guard but it is police supported so they stop by at times late at night. There is only one entrance. We will hit with one van and 4 teammates will enter and put to sleep the one guard. 2 teammates will set up down and up the block to watch for any traffic or police. Then female teammate that speaks the language will talk to the girls as we extract them. Once in van the other teammates will shadow the van to the safe house then the kids will be informed what was to happen and the usual bath cloths food checked over then on to their new home.


All went exactly as planned 6 minutes. Guard taped and left with card and drugged into street as a message.


Went exactly as planned 6 minutes and made it safely to their new home.


Rescued:  12

Previous total: 3004

Grand Total: 3016

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