May 2019 Rescue One for the Quest Record Books

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May 2019 Rescue
One for the Quest Record Books
As most you know, we were about out of money and were
looking at a multiple city rescue. In order to do it safely, we
would need to pay some officials and police and also a few
local chiefs to do this. If you don’t know what chiefs are in
this area of the battlefield, they are neighborhood bosses.
People will go to them before taking it to the police.
Normally, the Chief can fix the problem. But as always,
there are those Chiefs that are also corrupt. This would be a
tri city rescue but all these cities are within a few miles of
each other. Really like one big city. The problem is that
each area has its own police, government, and Chiefs. All
three are wedged into the inner parts of the cities. This
alone creates a real problem. Getting in is always easy. It’s
getting out with the kids in tow that is the hard part. Also
getting them to a safe house without shadows is also a
concern. We could fight it out and people would get killed
and that is not the way we do things at the Quest ECSS.
Negotiations were very difficult with those involved.
Seems to be an ego thing in this area. Then, if they all find
out we were also talking with their neighbor cities then that
would also be a disaster. We were close to making a
deal, then they upped the price. It was beyond what we had
by a long way so we stepped back. We had been promised
some donations but they as of now have failed to come
thru. So the more time that passed, the more likely it would
be that they would all find out we were talking to all the
cities. This would also compromise the safe houses and so
on. We could just do one but why when there was a real
need to end all of these brothels due to they were connected
in ways with the same gang. So we paused to group think
this. None of our plans came with a good ending and we
decided to walk away and hope something would change
this situation.
I had just gotten back from the glades doing some
counseling with some old friends and I found an
anonymous donor had given us just what we needed. I got
on the horn and advised my commanders and that I would
get back to them. I started to think screw the dirty greedy
bastards; we will get the rescues another way. These kids
we knew were in throw away brothels. That is when they
are used up, they are no good to even sell to another brothel
or harvest and are disposed of. So the money was necessary
for safe outcome. We had the supplies due to last years
fund raiser. We knew the shape of kids and we knew that
they would need a lot of medical attention. This also
creates a need for more medical staff and even though that
is cheap, some would have to miss work for a couple of
days. We had to be prepared.
I sat with this and had a few focus drinks and called the
team. Seems great minds think alike and they were thinking
the same thing I was. We would do this without payoffs.
While we were coming up with ideas, one of the team said,
“I wish we had a floater. That’s what we call a helicopter.
Right then, a light went off in my head and told them I
would call them back. There was a Church group that had
offered me an emergency extraction, if I ever needed it,
with one of their helicopters. I called them and they said we
only do this for you because you are our sort of buddy. I
explained where and what had gone on up to now and that
it would be an emergency extraction, sort of. I heard
laughter on the other end as someone muffled the phone.
When they got back on they asked when and where? I told
them I would let them know in a few hours and it would be
asap. They said, “We will wait by phone.” So I banged
heads with the team again.
While I was getting our copter, the team was GPSing the
three locations and extraction routes and safe houses. The
team was waiting on another lead and would call me back.
A couple of hours later they called and they had a plan.
This would involve 40 teammates along with 12 medical
personal, nearly 30 volunteers, and 7 transports with a few
bikes thrown in. There would be 7 available safe houses but
we will try to only use 3. Also there would be 3 transports
to be used later. Our volunteers will continue to watch the
brothels with head counts and traffic until we hit the
brothels. Then, for the cream of the crop, one of the
teammates was a regular skydiver and had called his place
to see if we could charter a plane for the night. It would
come at a price but everything we had planned to do would
cost about the same as if we paid off all the officials that
we really could not trust anyway.
So here is the plan. The skydiving plane would be flown by
a teammate and would carry 15 teammates. They would
drop 6 on one brothel and 5 at the next and 4 at the last. It
would be a night dive. Since the brothels are all wedged
into the inner city, they will all have only one way in and
one way out. So we will have transports with medical and
volunteers roaming around the three areas. When the divers
are jumping, they will notify the transports and they will
move in to the brothel to wait for their little passengers.
Once the rescues are successful, they will take the girls to a
designated area outside the cities. During their ride from
the brothels, medical will evaluate them finding the ones in
the worse condition. They will advise the commander and
he will monitor all the transports progress and tally the
number of serious condition girls and notify our helicopter
how many will be boarding. At this point with everyone
clear of shadows, the helicopter will meet at the designated
location and take the girls with the most serious conditions
and transport them directly to a small private hospital we
have acquired for that night courteous of the Church group.
The rest will then head to the separate safe houses where
the norm comes in. Treat them to a bath, explain what’s
going on and gift them. Once this is accomplished, they
will then be on their way to the locations we arranged for
All the calls had been made, we sat a count down and all
was ready. All was perfect and executed exactly. 11 of the
kids were in very serious condition and used the helicopter
for them. They would need to stay in this hospital for a
while but most were assured of good recovery. Some of the
others would be touch and go. We will report back when
we know. This one is what we call a quiet rescue and
because the girls were in such bad shape, there was not any
noise. That will change in the coming days. They are now
free, thank you donors and thank you to the anonymous
Oh Yeah! rescued brothel one 24, brothel two 27, brothel
three 21.
total: 72
Grand Total: 1581

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