The Quest ECSS Rescue April 2019

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This is another one of those rescues that could not have been done without the fundraiser or without all of those that have been helping us. So, here I am again thanking you but it seems I can’t ever thank you enough. Every time we rescue these kids I sort of have a PTSD moment but in a good way, bet you never heard that before. The team gathers in our way and take in all the intel gathered from past and current rescues. Then, we come up with a plan that will get all the kids out with the best chance we have to do so without any harm. So many skills come to the table and I get euphoric just thinking I’m a part of this. Then, all is set with everyone having their say. This does not mean we always agree but once we have decided the plan is what it is, everyone is on board. A lot of nerves come with knowing the responsibility we have but I must wait. When we have completed the rescue, I become overwhelmed by the flashes of memories of what we just did. I’m so proud of each and every one of our team. I thank those on the ground, those praying and assisting us with funds, computer people, board members, all those involved big or small. Remember the Dali Lama’s saying “If you think you are too small to make a difference, then tell that to a mosquito.”
I always remember the rescues where I was captured by the eyes of one of our kids and how they penetrate the soul. I feel love I’ve never felt in all my life until I began this journey, my passion to End Child Sex Slavery.
Now for the rescue. An opportunity came up to rescue some children in a heavily populated area. We had to use this as our advantage. For several blocks it was one way in and one way out. As I have explained before, these areas and brothels are owned by the gangs. The people in these areas, no matter how they feel about it, cannot help us because of the retaliation that would come from the gangs. So, our hope is to find anyone that will not interfere with us. We also use team members and volunteers that blend in well.
Now, for the plan. The spotters were already in place on rooftops and in and around the shops along the path in and out. Also, we had them covering the three ways we will leave. We would have two small trucks parked near the brothel filled with empty boxes and canvas covering the sides. People standing around on the street is a common site especially during busy hours. But, this street is very narrow and anything could cause our escape to be interrupted so the street will be monitored by official looking volunteers. If anyone has a delivery, they will be moved out of way without drawing any attention and if they refused, we would move it for them. Then, once all were in place, 5 team members along with their commander would enter by the front door and take down the two guards. Two move in to control the kids and check for any other guards or customers, and deal with them. At this time two more of our teammates would take up guard at the front doors. There were the only doors and no windows. The brothel was built wall to wall with other businesses. If there was ever a fire on this street, it could take out the whole block of buildings. The kids would be moved quickly to the door where our trucks were waiting with the boxes removed and the gates shut. Team members would be in the trucks, as room allowed. Two team members in the back is always mandatory. Once the kids were safely in the trucks, we would move toward the safe houses while the remaining team would casually walk out along with the volunteers to locate our other transportation. When they have confirmed all to be clear, they will follow behind our precious cargo to the safe houses and then on to their final destination .
Time allowed for the in and out raid would be 7 minutes. Due to the tight confinement of the rescue location, many of the team and volunteers would have to take position before we could activate the rescue. We had to pay many locals to position themselves to aid us in this rescue without them knowing what we were doing. We use taxis, tuk tuks, motorcycles and a few delivery trucks. This is a major operation and would test our ability and communication methods to accomplish our rescue. The big factor is the combined skills of our team. They have to have had a lot of experience with this sort of distraction to be able to see the whole picture at once and they especially need the innate ability to improvise at a moment’s notice without ever breaking one moment of the rescue plan. Thankfully all went exactly as our team had planned. The 7 minutes was exact but not too fast or too slow for us to pull this off. They did it! I love my team. You know it has to be something beyond our skill. It’s our hearts that make this happen for these kids and the hearts of all of you that believe in us. It is so much pressure to make all of you proud. All the kids were in bad health but all would be healed in time. We had what we needed because of the fundraiser so again, I thank you.
We have 14 new additions to our Quest ECSS family and as of this time in history, they have a new path in their history to be a child again with friends, love and learning.
Thank you The Quest ECSS family!
Previous total: 1495
New total: 1509
Since fundraising event: 144
The Quest ECSS stories can all be found at just go to tab Get Involved and then to the bottom under Stories
Facebook: The Quest ECSS
Twitter: Zaysan@questslavery
Bless all of you

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