Mission Report 102023

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The Quest ECSS

Human Trafficking

Mission Report 102023


At the Boarder




Wondering Children, agents there advise us that nothing has changed since we were last here. Cartel protecting the chaos and not allowing anyone to into areas. Last time agent told us in this 20 sq mile area was 17000 dead bodies. We know that the charities taking money from the government are all corrupt. Like we did not know. Many are trafficking the kids all over the usa. We have 3 vans to fill and will execute as many as we have room for then take to the locations where they will be cared for.


Remove any threats be consciousness of the bodies there and collect as many kids as possible. On the other side of Boarder are organizations that are known that will accept a lot of kids we find. Once threats are removed another team will move in and shadow us to keep out any outside threats. Those that are searching the rescues will have teammates close for any dangers that enter our space.


On loan 7 Humvee with 6 teammates within searched for wondering children. They had food and water. The vans waited in safe areas we created to receive our collected children. The government says there have only been 18k abandoned children the agents told us at least 250k. We made 2 trips with vans full each time before daybreak where at that time it would be to dangerous for transport and getting the rescues to their destination. We collected 93 in all and many were so weak they were unable to move. By the end of the operation all had made it to their new homes. Later we received an update that all were doing fine.


Rescued:  93

Previous total: 2892

Grand Total: 2985

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