Mission Report 4.2022

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The Quest ECSS

Human Trafficking

Mission Report 4.2022

Across the border again, upon request. Word was, from the locals where we were before, that there were several little kids being held at a southern location. These are the children that are rented to those crossing the border. After crossing the border, they are discarded. Yes, those the Democrats are allowing in!

The locals there said they were being held by several Cartel. This is a problem because it could get messy. One of the team, that was already on the ground there, said he could not let this pass even though it was not a clean rescue. To his measure, there were at any given time 20 bad guys in the building. Most would be upstairs on the second floor, it was a two story building. The border crosser would pick up the kid there and would pay the bad guys. Several a day were sold, and more inventory would be brought in about every three days. Of the 20 bad guys in the building, about 10 would be upstairs doing the business. The kids would be downstairs being taken care of by the other 10 and some of them were females, but all of them bad. 

On the outside there were 5 lookouts, most of the time. The local Police were able to feed us intel that would help us get in and out with the least amount of difficulty. Other than that, they would not help because they would be killed by the bad guys. Currently inside, intel thought there were at least 32 tiny little kids. Our teammate on the ground said he was already in contact with the religious people there and would have three buses where ever we wanted them. There would also be 7 nuns to help us. One would enter with the team. I’m telling you these nuns are pure bad asses, if I can say that. I made it very clear they were to do exactly what we tell them and when. They understood. Now, I would have to see if we had a big enough team to do this. Many are overseas now, but since movement over there is still somewhat limited, I may be able to find enough state side to pull this off. 

It took a few hours, but I was able to find 20 teammates available. With this rescue, it would be cutting it thin for the team and the risk value would be high. None of the team told me no that I contacted, and all could be there in 12 hours. 

The building was on a corner that was somewhat busy but was clear on all sides. We would be in the open but could access all sides. The back side had no doors or windows. The roof was flat and had a small wall around it. The other three sides had 4 windows each making it hard for us to get close without being seen. We would have to move in from the back. We just had to first take out the guards that were watching out. All of the homes and businesses were on our side, so they would be feeding us information the whole time. The buses could not be seen so if anyone saw them on the bad guys’ side, well that would not be good. They would set up outside of town. 

We liberated 4 immigrant buses from the center of the city without incident. Four teammates, with help of locals took out the guards, then went to the buses to wait till we hit the place. Several Police would be our spotters that have been vetted by some that called on us. We also had many spotters along the routes that we would take to the buses that would take the kids that the nuns controlled. Four teammates would breach the front door and take out the guards on the bottom floor. One of the nuns would be in our immigration buses that we liberated and park in front of the building. The other nine teammates would climb the wall in the rear and enter the roof and set two charges to breach the roof with the others swinging in thru the windows. As this is happening, the front door team would enter taking out all on the first floor and any coming down from upstairs. As this was happening, the buses would pull up to the front door and the clean up crew would assist the team inside. Upstairs would be cleared, and the money taken to be given to the nuns. 

I ordered the guards outside to be removed and once that was completed, the locals took them. I waited till the team was in position on the roof. Then, came the Go! Go! Go! The team on the second floor took a couple of hits but they were non injury with their vests taking the hits. Those bad guys were dragged down the stairs and placed with the others. All the kids were out and were moving toward the nuns’ buses. We hooded and tied up the bad guys then, there was movement outside. After a nervous second, we found them to be local friendlies! They provided the transports and took the bad guys off of our hands. The team moved on to catch up with our rescued kids. No shadows and all made it to the nuns who we escorted to their place where the only fear was those bad ass nuns. 

Previous total of rescued: 2315

This Rescue: 36

Total Rescued: 2351



Twitter: TheQuestECSS@questslavery

Rumble: EndingChildSexSlavery

MeWe: ZaysanZaysan

Youtube: The Quest Human Trafficking

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