Mission Report 3/22

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Mission Report 3/22

It was brought to my attention that one of the brothels we had been watching was becoming an attraction to sex tourists looking for child brothels. We were also waiting on some donations to act on this one. Thankfully, we did just get a generous donation that will allow us to move on it.

It’s located in city central, yet it’s not that large of a town. It’s just outside of a larger city and that makes it a good location for their nefarious business. It’s related to one of the larger gangs and has some overseers in the area. The local cops are also charged with its operation. After some digging, we found out it is also condoned by a government official. So, by acting on this location we will be making a lot of noise; that is, the word will spread quickly. So, it is very important that we do this with as little attention as we can. 

The location itself is on a side street mixed in with many other buildings. In these areas this type of location is secure on all sides so the only way in and out will be to hit it hard and fast. It’s a block building that is connected with other block buildings. It has a front and back, but the back has only a window. The front is double doors with two guards outside and three inside. There are at last tally, 13 girls inside ages 7 to 12. One good thing is that there are no open air businesses, only apartments with some offices along this street. The back alley is really of no use except to have our team guard it if anything goes sideways during the rescue they will be ready to correct any problems. We have acquired a regular van with our made up tourist agency signs on the side. We will have three other local looking transports to follow. 

This road is a dead end one way and our only way out goes north and south. This road is busy, and each direction leads to cross streets that we will use to exit. This way there will be less attention to us and allow us to divide and conquer any interference. We will need to have and do have many more spotters and on the ground teammates to pick up any shadows. There are too many police here to create a distraction, so we will blend in as best we can so as to not attract any attention. There is currently an intersection that has a traffic cop that we will distract so that the passing of our transport goes unnoticed. We will use the van with the driver and 4 teammates hiding in back. We will drive up and the driver will get the attention of the two guards to come to his passenger window. At that point the driver will show them his hand protection and a moment later the team will exit the van and secure the two guards. One of our local transports will pull up behind the van and escort the guards out of town. 

Next, the four teammates will breach the front doors and take down the other three guards. This will be one of those shock and awe approaches. Another one of our transports will have arrived by then and with it will be two nuns and a volunteer that will join the team inside to gather the girls and escort them to the van and other transports which will arrive while this is all taking place. Then the transports will exit to the main road and take four different routes to the outside of this town. There they will use the roads outside of town to make their way back to our meeting point in the vacant outer part of the city. We will all meet there to arrange the girls in the van and squeeze them in as long as there are no medical emergencies. At this point, we will be on our way to one of our safe houses that we have secured. 

Once there, all would be our normal protocol. Medical attention, food, baths, clothes and then exit to their new home.

All went exactly as planned. The guards inside were bound, gagged and de clothed. They’re left to be found by their counterparts and all will have lost face. The girls were kept in locked rooms without lights and filthy conditions. Some of the kids had infections and like always, they were very malnourished. Yet, all was repairable. They were little trouble and were happy to see the nuns. They knew what that meant. So, another very clean rescue and our calling cards were left on the guards inside and spread in each room. They will know who did this and maybe get the message we will be watching. 

Previous total: 2302

This rescue: 13

Grand total: 2315



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Rumble: EndingChildSexSlavery

MeWe: ZaysanZaysan

Youtube: The Quest Human Trafficking

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