Mission Report 4.25.22

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The Quest ECSS

Human Trafficking

Mission Report 4.25.22


Central city near mountains

 One way in, one way out

 Shanty town, each house connected, no plumbing 


 It is local control with involvement of Police and City Officials


 7 girls, ages 7 to 12 in poor health and starving

 2 Guards, one inside and one usually floating outside. They have a visiting Mamasan that controls the girls

 They have no friends in the area and all are afraid of this business


 10 Plain Clothes Team members will enter the area one by one, move to specific locations and wait for Go Time. 2 will be females.

 At the street that enters this area, there will be three transports waiting, the alley is too narrow to drive in. 

 When all is clear, the alley will be blocked by our transports. We will also have volunteers at all intersections on our planned exit route watching for any unwanted activity. The team in the alley will take out the guards, secure each girl and walk them to the transports. We will have 5 exits available to us. 

 We will have several spotters to watch for any signs of bad guys and anyone shadowing our exit.

 Then, on to a safe house to check the kids in preparation for their destination.


 All went exactly as planned and with no problems. The 2 guards were bound, gagged and left in the beds the kids had been forced to serve the customers in!

 Once at the safe house, it took 3 hours to be ready for their final travel. The Girls were very smelly, weak and some needed IVs. All were fed, bathed, given new clothes and mini stuffed animals.

We were not detected and found the locals around the brothel to be very helpful to make a way for us to leave.


Rescued: 7 

Previous total: 2351 

Grand Total: 2358

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