Mission Report 4.27.22

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The Quest ECSS

 Human Trafficking

Mission Report 4.27.22


 City Central on a side street where each building is connected but made mostly of brick. Entrance is only the front with bars on windows. Most are 2 story.


 It is mostly residential, and customers are dropped off here. Most people in the area know that this is a crime building and stay away from it. Most will open to allow us to use their roof and offer other help that cannot be associated to us. We have several options for exit out of town and the Police will stay clear for us to do what we need to do. There are 3 guards, one outside and two inside. There are 10 girls inside, all in fair shape as far as these brothels go, ages 11-13. 

Controlled owned: 

This is a local gang owned brothel and caters to business men and higher end clients. Many are from nearby cities. Police stay away. They fear these people.


 We will have the nearby intersections watched with several spotters on roof tops and some street side. A few of the houses will allow us to watch from inside. One bike with two team mates will roll up to door and take out the guard. 7 other team mates across the street and on the same side of the street will move into the brothel taking the guard from outside with us. Inside, the 2 guards will be put to sleep and a tour van will park by the front door. The girls will all be upstairs and locked in rooms. Two teammates will breach the doors two at a time. 10 doors in total. A Buddhist nun will enter in plain clothes and control the girls. This is very important because these girls have more energy because of the situation and clientele. Once all are together, they will be taken down stairs and more information will be shared by the nun. Then, all will be moved thru the front door and take the van to the cleared route. When outside of town, they will be taken to a safe house where any needs will be taken care of. Then, on to their destination. 


 The Rescue went exactly as planned in about 7 minutes till they were out of the building and 10 minutes out of town with no shadows. At the safe house, they were all cleared to travel with the usual clean clothes, food and a little nurturing. Then, an easy ride to their destination. All the girls were very excited. The guards were put to sleep, their clothes taken off and then they were tied to a bed together and gagged. They should have a fun night! 


 Rescued: 10

Previous total: 2358

Grand Total: 2368

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