Mission Report 72023 (2)

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The Quest ECSS

Human Trafficking 2 of 2


Mission Report 72023 (2)



Just outside Central City on open street brothel sits alone but other businesses near.


Local Police


13 girls also in bad shape. Same owners. Ages 10 to 12. Front and back entrance but back is not used. 2 guards usually stay inside but other police due unscheduled stop byes.


We have volunteers in area watching for any interference. Also 7 teammates on ground making sure the team inside are safe. One van will arrive with 3 nuns from area and 4 teammates will enter and silence the guards. Kids will likely need to be carried to vans then they will be taken to rendezvous location and checked out.


These kids were also in bad shape on unconsciousness but breathing. Total time 6 minutes and all went as planned and made it to rendezvous where the one that was unconsciousness was awake and taking water and protein bars.



Rescued:  13

Previous total: 2792

Grand Total: 2805

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