Retaliation Rescue Executing The Quest ECSS 1

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Did a roll call and everyone was in place. For the first time I had a real live map in front of me. Most was drawn by volunteers due to lack of maps with real streets and our information. To keep track of everyone I had to have immediate access to where and what the team is talking about and what I could do at the time. This is one time I could not keep up watching visually due to the mass of area and number of rescues. So this should be interesting and a learning experience for all of us for the future. This is so massive this will be hard to describe to you. I will break it down with less specifics and if you have read any of the previous rescues you will be able to fill in the blanks for the most part. Now mind you we will need many of the volunteers to assist front line with out team members so to fill the voids. There are 7 routes in and out of the city where transports of the kids take place. The majority of kids are taken from Vietnam due to the lightness of their skin. So that is the main target yet all other targets are covered. Those routes will have the most moving road blocks. That is like a cop looking for a stolen car and if they see what looks like it could be kidnapped girls they would be stopped and investigated. We would also have to hold the transporter till we were finished and liberate what ever they were driving. Simultaneously there would be teams searching these roads and known routes where new kids would be transported to the brothels or warehouses or holding buildings. These teams would be in contact with the moving road block teams to advise of any actions coming or going. The captures would result in the same as moving road blocks. We also had teams that would collect the trafficked girls and take them to safe houses spread thru the city. Social workers would confirm they were being trafficked and get details along with coordinating where their next holding location would be. Unlike normal the after care would take a little longer this time and we had to be absolute sure of who each child is and how their case would be handled. So very important. Medical attention would be provided enough to get them to one of the larger safe houses far from the area we would be working in. Anyone want to buy some 3nd world transports? Heheheh. These actions had to be swift and without mercy because sooner or later other gang members or tattle tails would advise the main house we were active so we would move the teams constantly outward away from the city. This would allow us to shut the movement down for the time we planned to be there strangling their money train. Each team had a cover like stopping transports and having a gas can in hand and other types of things you would normally see along one of these roads. As it was underway I at times would listen to the chatter and it was so efficient I felt like a proud general hehehe. You know we always new we could do this type of rescue and that it would be endless because this is a big business and a new crop of young girls is always in demand. We just did not have the money or staff to execute this type of op only as hit and miss but this just proves another aspect we have always professed to be happening and now it is proven. While this was going on so was the other facets of the rescues so I only picked up bits and pieces as it was underway. What I did know at the time was several captures had been achieved and most were somewhat healthy and had not been to the torcher rooms yet. If you have read the previous rescues you will know what I am taking about. Many so many rescued!!!! Will give numbers and stats when this is all over. Facebook: The Quest ECSS

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