Retaliation Rescues The Quest ECSS 2

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Now as the rescues were underway another team joined with another due to both had an overlap in missions. Auction House where they sold kids to highest bidder in internet. The other team was focused on local homes where the gangs had little girls webcam and strip and other things for money online. Our intel told us that they were connected closely. The teams got wind that at a specific time there would be an auction this night. So they correlated the rescue just as we have in the past, you can read past missions to understand. Im trying to keep this doc short because of the mass and wanting to the info out. This place was outside of city central and gave us ample space for stealth. It was heavily guarded with over 20 skilled guards. Due to our intel we knew the inside and out and operations of this place. We had always had it on our radar but due to its closeness to the main headquarters of the gang we were targeting there were never enough funds or personal to make this rescue. Also as a sole rescue chances were we would get less for the few dollars we have. This was different as you know. Percussion grenades and smoke bombs were used and the rescue was swift. It was during the actual auction and internet ip addresses and loads of info was recovered and sent to appropriate authorities from their own server hehehe. We found 3 rooms in the building that were actually broadcasting webcam little girls as discussed before two were live feeds. We separated the captured guards and used the appropriate methods to extract info on other locations of webcasts. We have very skilled interrogators by the way, very skilled I am glad they are on our side. So at this location we found it necessary to keep volunteers away due to the danger but they were in the transports once we finished the op inside. Keep in mind this is all happening while the other operations were underway. It is all happening at once. The girls were on their way to safety as we always do, no short cuts here. The teams in the building now organized routes to the personal homes were we found out the webcam broadcasts were taking place. They selected 3 due to time management that this operation was under as a whole. These were personal homes of locals where the families were actually a part of it. Imagine parent’s brothers sisters all willingly participating in this sick action. Putting their kids nude and having them perform for the pedophiles watching them on webcam. It was a simple plan to move swift and grab the girls involved and remove them while keeping the families away then to exit before the local police could come and arrest us. These girls would be taken to a local Buddhist organization to be sorted out. Social workers would be there. In this country if we took the girls to a church it would not be supported by anyone in government so we took them to the Buddhist because they have power and authority here. That will give us time to sort out the next actions in these girls lives. All of this went as planned with the families going crazy on the team but the team has management skills for just such a event and the families stayed back and yelled and of course sent for police. At this point we knew our presents were getting known but we also knew it would happen at sometime during the op but this was good because we were ahead of schedule. Those teams now dividing up to support other operations currently going on. Now for the hospital team. We had sketchy intel that two girls were to be harvested for their organs and we knew the doctors and transporters involved. We had most of this info for awhile but as I said earlier the danger and effectiveness was questionable in this area. And again this time was different. This hospital most would not see or think of as a hospital it was a one story building that almost looked abandoned. One of the reasons things like this go on here. It is all about the money and girls here are a burden. The team moved in quiet and fast no one knew what was going on and we sealed off all entrances and exits. The intel was correct but we were too late the girls two were already dead. I heard there was some altercation with the doctor responsible with the team but I don’t know the story. The girls bodies were taken with us so maybe we could assist in giving them some peace in the afterlife. Enough said about this one. On to the the kids that were owned by gangs to sell flowers at tourists places and the older kids who the gangs maimed to collect money and the fake mothers with passed out kid on their laps. The night before these rescues many nuns of both Christian and Buddhist mapped out all these locations and the numbers of kids and people involved. On this day the rescue day there would be over 40 nuns and several soldiers with them to take them to safety and free them. I made that sound simple but I think you understand the rescue simple but the after care would be investigated and placed where appropriate and even sometimes back to their parents. Not all parents sell their kids. I think if you have kept up with the rescues of the past this is all explained. This part of the operation went even better than the rest so fast. So complete and without drawing any attention. The numbers will follow in following documents of this massive rescue. Facebook The Quest ECSS

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