The Quest ECSS 7 Marines Join Us for a Rescue Part 2

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The Quest ECSS 7 Marines Join Us for a Rescue Part 2

Action Report April 2021

Hopefully, you have first read part 1.

For a while now we have had a Child Brothel on our minds. The problem is that it is on an Island with no friendlies. It is primarily Muslim and one of their sources of income is kidnapping foreigners to hold for ransom. They are also a militant group and the nearest island from there is about 2 hours by boat.

Then, even if we get off the island with the girls, getting to safety and to the safe houses for assessment and medical is still about another hour. This being a militant group, on an Island that has no friendlies and being at such a distance, would be expensive and the odds would not be in our favor. This, and lacking the needed funds, put this rescue on hold…’til now.

The Marines Team was set on accomplishing this for the kids and for their fallen brother, at all costs. They even brought along two Delta boats loaned to them by their employers. With everything in place, we went over our mission details several times and had our plans. The Marines would travel at night into the island and their close approach would be silent. Two of them would bring in the boats and wait for a call to ready them. They would enter the land to meet up with the team on exit. The team that would find the brothel would use stealth and speed putting to sleep anyone that may get eyes on them. At the brothel they would observe from a distance, move close and observe again. Looking and listening for any voices and getting the layout as best we could. There was not a lot of intel on this location like we always have on our normal rescues. Again, this team was on their own and outnumbered 7 to an estimated 250.

All went as planned. After 20 minutes of observation, I was having problems with Viber. I was unable to see anything so the commander told me it was good and I had to take his word for it. I had worked hours with these Marines with numerous references and I was good with trusting his judgment. They were on and silent.

The only door was cracked open and they could see two bad guys with a woman in the corner. We knew that in this society, the women are treated like animals and she would not be a problem for us. We would not be violent with her, just gag and restrain. From the outside, we could roughly make out the layout of the house and acted accordingly. It was only seconds after I gave the Go that the two bad guys were down and silent. This was the GI Jane’s job to put them to sleep. She made sure that they saw her and that she is a woman! They were stripped and left inside. The team gathered all the girls ages 11 to 14. Our intel was correct so we only hoped they could help us get to the boats. The woman in the Brothel was helpful to make sure we found all the girls and she nodded to the kids to go with us. We made sure she was ok with a look and we hoped the bad guys who found her would be easy on her. Oh Yes, we offered to take her but she refused.

21 kids were in tow with only some needing our help moving thru the jungle. Quickly as we could, the team followed the planned route and we contacted the two waiting with the Deltas. They met up about half way and all was quiet. After making it safely to the boats, they held up for a couple of minutes to make sure all was clear. It was a great spot and we were confident yet, we had our process. Entering the boats a couple of the girls were scared so our GI Jane grabbed them, held them closely and carried them into the boat with her. We were moving silent. We had come so far with no sign of any of the bad guys. So, The Marines fired up their engines and they were all on their way to their next destination.

The Team also brought along military grade drones and used them to see if they had any shadows. All was clear. At different points along the way, we had placed some fishing boats with some standby teammates just in case help was needed. The Marines checked in with them and all were just fine to finish the rest of the trip. Then, on approach to our landing, our team signaled them that all was clear. We put the kids in a transport with some of our female volunteers to look over the girls. The Three girls that GI Jane Marine had convinced to get on the Delta boat would now not get in a transport without her. So, she happily joined them! If she had not already found what she was looking for in this rescue, I think before the end, she would…. Our Team, with the Team Marines following, were led to the safe house. At the safe house, the girls were like most of those we rescue. They were weak, beaten, scared, and malnourished but somehow, they seemed to be different. Physical was not their greatest pain. This appeared to be more mental. Understand, they had never known real kindness from men or boys. This is the stamp of their owners. Knowing this, we would work with them. The word was passed along and we decided to take them to another location. We had not planned this but we believed it would be the best place for the girls to begin their healing.

This Rescue: 21 girls 11 to 14

Previous total: 1976

Total to date: 1997

Note: When we get enough funding we will pass 2000 rescues. Pray we get this done!

Twitter: TheQuestECSS@questslavery

Rumble: EndingChildSexSlavery

MeWe: ZaysanZaysan

Youtube: The Quest ECSS Human Trafficking

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