Our Latest Rescue We have now rescued 2,014 Children!!!

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Our Latest Rescue

The Quest ECSS!!! Ending Child Sex Slavery.

We have now rescued 2,014 Children!!!

Action Report 05/2021

A Message to all who read this! If you do nothing about this crime against Humanity, someday it will find you!

Since 2015, we have been rescuing Child Sex Slaves. Now, we are on the verge of having rescued 2000 kids and to this day, I know where each one is. We still have 100% retention rate. No one else in this field can claim this. We have had what we call “Graduates”. 2 have achieved this. Graduates are kids we saved and educated so they can survive outside the brothel. Not only survive but also thrive and with their head held high.

2000 souls have been saved and provided for with a real life. The Quest ECSS does not end with a rescue that really hurts more than it helps. A Quest ECSS rescue is only the start of a new life for these kids.

This rescue had been on all our minds for quite some time. I heard from our team that they had found a way into a brothel we had been watching for awhile. It was a Police Protected Child Brothel. It was located in city central and on a street with no cross streets. There was only one intersection and behind the buildings lining the street there was a maze of alleys, most without an exit. So, one way in and same way out…With this being a Police Protected Child Brothel, they were fearless in protecting it. This was a bad option for us and we had been debating when and how to extract the girls safely. With our recent interaction with some Marines, we had some new contacts. GI Jane, from that rescue, was hanging out at one of our locations to learn about the kids. I contacted her and asked if she had any experience in this area. She did and also had some contacts and of course, she wanted in.

The intel she provided led us to some of her contacts and information on the individual police that were involved along with their family information. We also were able to get their home addresses and what times they worked and where they would be when not working. We saw this as a three day rescue. We would have to neutralize the Police at a time when we could safely extract the little girls from the brothel.

The needed personal for this mission would not be a problem. Everyone wanted to be involved in this rescue that would bring our total to over 2000 saved kids. What took place was surveillance on all of the police by volunteers and our team. They divided into 7 groups to make this happen. They would not engage unless there was no other choice. Communications would be cut off to any of them that got suspicious. I would be monitoring all chat from each group and relied on the commander to keep me updated on the rescue. I would be instructing the commander on the readiness of the groups and then tell the groups when the rescue was on.

OK, we were all in place with eyes on. We had 17 girls in the brothel aged approximately 11 to 14 years old. There were two police guards on duty and one businessman inside. We knew the layout and that the guards would be in the main entrance. The girls would be in back of the brothel with a hallway opening at both ends. Before entry, we would disable their communications and put to sleep the guards and a businessman. Then, we would move to both ends of the hallway and our female teammates would go in to get the girls. At the same time of entry, 5 transports would block the entrance of the brothel. All transports would appear as what we would call taxis and the drivers would be plain clothed. No one would see the team or think much of the taxis, and by the time they did, we would be gone.

The commander contacted me and told me they were a “go”. I notified all groups and waited till all checked in with “ready”. Then, I told the commander it was on Go! We planned for 5 minutes to get the girls and be past the one intersection.

All of the girls were collected and in our taxis with the guards and businessman asleep. And yes, our cards were left on them. No time to strip them as we normally do. The Team crossed the intersection and our groups took to the streets as backup for the transports. We had plans to separate the transports if needed but we were undetected. They continued to the safe house as the groups slowly spread apart to make sure there were no shadows.

At the safe house, the kids were looked over and it was explained to them what was going on. There was also something epic about this big rescue. One of our rescued girls from 2015 was there to be the one that informed the girls and comforted them as their health was checked. She told them she had been one of them and about how their life would be from this point on. This settled the girls immensely. They were in a weakened condition and some would require more treatment but I know the healing had already begun. We had new transports arriving to make the long trip more comfortable. All would be going to the same place. I cannot disclose anything about this place but for those who have been following us, I think you know.

There was another event I want to tell you about. Remember the GI Jane from the Marine rescue that just happened? She was the one that helped us pull it off! She was outside of the safe house asking so many questions and I could hear her while I was talking to the commander about the situation. I asked who was talking so much. He said, ‘It’s that crybaby Marine that we brought along. I asked him, “What is she asking about?” The commander told me she wanted to know what was happening to the girls in the house. She was following orders to protect the perimeter but wanted to know how the girls were doing inside. The commander was laughing and so was I because we remember feeling that same feeling when we were new at this. I told the commander to send her inside to help our 2015 rescue with anything she might need. With that, she bolted thru the door then jumped back out to tell the commander “Thank you” and with a blink of an eye, she was inside. I told the commander when they got to the destination to check with the other teammates and if they all agreed, to welcome her to the Team. The commander said, “Oh crap, you’re going to make her cry again!”

This Rescue: 17 girls ages 11 to 14

Previous total: 1997

Total to date: 2014

WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!



Twitter: TheQuestECSS@questslavery

Rumble: EndingChildSexSlavery

MeWe: ZaysanZaysan

Youtube: The Quest Human Trafficking

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