The Quest ECSS A Teammates Rescue

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The Quest ECSS

Action Report

A Teammate’s Rescue

Due to the China virus, the child brothels are less but we know it will grow again and soon. We are still stopping transports of little girls to be sold with most coming from Vietnam and all of the other countries we work in. We are also focusing on repairs, paper work and security of the Homes the rescued girls are growing in. Beyond that, we are doing something else, we are learning. 

As many of you know, One of our teammates was on a regular House mission picking up food for our girls and was captured. As in our protocols, Joe was not alone. The Bad Guys were laying in wait and as Joe entered the establishment, he knew something was wrong with no one there but he could hear noises coming from a room in the back. He signaled the other two teammates outside. Then, Joe heard screaming coming from the room. He took action and his experience told him it was not the kind of screaming that could wait. He entered the room to find 6 bad guys with the Mother, Father and Daughter of our food provider. They were in the center of the room bound and gagged. The bad guys’ plan was to kill the family in front of him and then kill him to send us a message. They, the bad guys may have known of his pickup though the scattered times he makes this pickup but what they did not know or consider was that we always have our own teammates shadow our Team. Joe attacked before they could play out this drama. The rest of the team then entered and won the room. Downside was 4 of the bad guys had Joe with a full display of weapons. They exited the room out the back into an alleyway with one of our teammates covertly in pursuit. Our other teammate freed and checked the family. The Father grabbed a knife and tried to chase after those who had our Joe. One of our Teammates stopped him and assured him that we had this.

We called in some other Teammates in the area to secure the location while the Father was instantly gathering the food that we came to get. Note here, our supporters are more than just good people they are also our family. The wife and daughter also joined in to help because Father was still too shook up to help prepare the food. When the other teammates arrived, they began checking the neighborhood for friendlies without drawing attention. They were getting directions and numbers so we could begin to track down our Teammate who was following Joe. More Teammates arrived and they would be tasked with low profile security for the store and family. Father still wanted to do more but we made him see his family and focus on that. During this time, we got a track on our Teammate’s location and moved toward that location. Soon after, our tracking Teammate contacted us with details. The bad guys were now getting transportation and we got a visual on Joe. Obviously, he had been beaten but was still aware enough to make eye contact with the Teammate on location. Joe now knew he was not alone. Lets call the Teammate on location Teammate 1. He also got transport and followed.

We put out an alert to our entire Team and all available were on the way while the ones not available were gathering resources to assist us. As of right then, we were considering how much the bad guys knew about us, who we are and if any connection to the Home’s location had been compromised. This was highly doubtful yet; it was part of the rescue information we needed to gather. Next, hours went by as more of the Team arrived and was assigned duties. Two days later, we had the location where Joe was being held. It was a large warehouse with few entries and less windows. It was in an open area making things more difficult. We were gathering location details and knew we had no friends there. A loose assessment was that 27 bad guys were within the building and loosely 14 outside. Our force was building day by day with 32 near location and 52 still in route that should arrive within the next day. Our unavailable Teammates were sending us a lot of intel with identifications and their associates, family members and locations of them. We also had ears on within the building. Joe was alive and it was believed with the overheard conversations that the bad guys had bitten off more than they could chew and there was distention in the ranks. We discovered this was not a sanctioned event. Even bad guys have rules of engagement and action. We were trying to get locations of the bad guys in the building but we also did not know the rooms except from the movement of the guards. One thing we did have was Joe’s location. We had to guess at where the walls were and how to get there.

Six days in and we were ready. No one was coming to help the bad guys and they now knew it. It was now critical that regardless of anything else, they had to make a move and we had to go under the assumption that they would kill Joe. All ways in or out of this area were blocked on call. Communication was complete for the team and chain of command was ordered. Also, more Teammates had arrived but sent to other locations for after rescue. For those of you that are new to us, when we plan, we have several possible outcomes and know how each one will end before we take action. And who was the Commander that I put in place? “Heh Heh”, I think you guessed it. Our “GI Jane” that has been in the front of many of our rescues. She was the one at the rescue when we lost some of our most Cherished Teammates. Anyway, as time grew near for us to make a move, we observed that the area had become like a Ghost town. No one was setting up for their usual business day or doing anything but fleeing. Five of the bad guys exited the building and ran. We waited till they were clear and captured them. As the first team moved in, we made use of our gathered, important intel from the bad guys of the building layout, knew it was legit and made our path more direct to Joe.

None would escape and we had all the necessary equipment to see that everyone would be secured. Then, the first Team had reached the area we would breach and yes Teammate 1 was with them. They went directly to Joe’s location and found he was behind a locked door. It was fast. I heard an explosion but I could not see much because it was dark. Quickly, the team assessed there were no traps then entered. Joe was unconscious. Team 2 had entered 10 seconds after Team 1 and was clearing the building and securing bad guys along the way. A quick check outside saw no movement with no alarms. Then, the second Prize, the Leader was caught with his pants down so to speak. All weapons were dropped as we entered and apprehended the Leader and what was left of his crew. At this point, Joe would be our priority and he was extracted to get medical attention. It would be a distance but we had a medical Teammate that would be with him. Joe was in really bad shape with broken ribs, stab wounds and countless other injuries. One of the main methods used on him was a cattle prod. I knew this form very well and can tell you it becomes far more than physical after several days of it.

Now, we had Joe and it was time to deal with the bad guys. With convincing, they were all very helpful and we would reward them, kinda.

Before we could party, we had to put in place several protocols for any locations, details or anything that would jeopardize our people or locations. Also, extra intel and eyes would be on high alert for sometime. Even some of our Teammates that have other jobs throughout the world bailed on their current work to come and join us during this time. We are family and family will always come first and this includes everyone on the ground, our kids, teachers, volunteers etc.

Ok, here’s what happened in the next few days. We knew that the bad guys were part of a much larger group that hates us for costing them so much money and this was far beyond just “losing face”. These bad guys had acted alone without authorization. They thought if they succeeded that they would move up in the ranks. But, that would have never have happened, they just did not know that. We knew who they worked for and where their headquarters was located. This plan of ours was outside the box and extremely dangerous but the Team deserved a little fun. To make a long story short, they escorted them to a point and several teammates took locations so that at any time if something did not go as planned, we could end them, so to speak. The leader was placed in a wooden coffin, locked by the way. The others were chained together and to the coffin! They would carry them for about 1 mile to the headquarter’s front door. There, with red dots appearing on their bodies, they would turn themselves in. On the inside of the coffin where the leader laid, a note was placed. “One of your flock seems to have strayed and but is now found. Please take care of it.” Also, we left a deck of our playing cards, as you will see in the pic of this action report.

Again, Blessings to all of you for your continued support and prayers.

As for the rescues of the kids as mentioned at the beginning of this report,

Rescued 19 ages 7 to 1

Total Rescues:1976 and

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