Fundraiser Rescue 2020 #3

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Fundraiser Rescue 2020 #3


This was a straightforward rescue. Still all would be expecting the unexpected. It was a house on a fairly busy street. The houses here were separated by about 10 feet with a small river behind. Mind you in these places there are no real sewers and all the waste goes into this river. The neighbors were not friendlies but this is a small brothel and 7 girls inside with two inexperienced guards. They would not be any threat. We went in in force with 12 teammates and 3 transports. As always there would be many spotters and teams along the way to stop any shadows. The house was all bamboo and no electric. 

The way out would be a ¼ mile down the road and over the river and into the mountains. We know these roads well and had many options along the way. Keep in mind this brothel had some Police influence but none to be very concerned about and it is privately owned. The spotters let us know when traffic was light and gave us the green light. I gave the order and it was on. We all left from one direction and together right up to the front door and there were no other doors. We disabled the guard stripped him and put him to sleep. He was dragged into street a few doors down. Then, one of our transports hooked up to the brothel and pulled it down as the other transports escaped. Once the building was destroyed, they soon caught up with the other transports with their precious cargo aboard. 

They all made it to safe house and were looked over and fed and bathed as the nuns told them what was happening and would happen in their future. All were not well but will heal soon with our care.

7 Rescued

Total 2020 Fundraiser Rescues: 55

Total Rescues:1957 and

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