The Quest ECSS Fathers day/4th of July Rescue

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We had a rescue that we had been watching for awhile but with no money, I took to the streets and held up my cardboard sign. After being harassed by Police for panhandling, I came up short. An Ambassador raised more funds but it went thru Facebook so it is unknown if we will ever receive it. So our rescue was on hold while we continued to watch and to keep track of the schedules and the neighborhood. Then out of the blue, we got a donation that gave us what we needed. The team had all the current info at hand and were just waiting so they were using this time trying to make a back road out but with so much rain, that just was not going to work. Then another friend in the area reached out and advised that we could use their place for how ever long we needed it and it was a very secure location. Now, it was just setting up the logistics to rescue these kids. Then another situation came in from the spotters. Seems the 9 kids had all been rented out to some foreigners for a party today. With the heavy rain and lack of security in the transport, this would give us a great opportunity to raid the transport. We had the time and location of where they were going. The commander on the ground was already planning where to make it happen. During this time the team was already organizing and setting up assignments for volunteers to spot for us on escape routes. This would be a daytime raid but with heavy rains, no one would notice and we should blend into the Chaos just fine. If not, there will not be much anyone can do about it. In short time the commander called me back and we went over the mission. She had it all worked out. It was very difficult for me to see anything with the weather so I had to put my trust into my team and stay in touch with the temporary safe house owner for when they would arrive. It was very swift and there were two guards that were left sleeping in a alley and we left our cards on them so when they wake up they would know who righted this wrong. The Girls were a little scared but were so weak we managed them well. We liberated the transports the guards were using to make the travel easier. Of course we would have to dispose of the transports once we had the girls to safety. The girls were safe and in ok condition considering but would need some time to recover. Seems 6 year olds are very popular here and most were kids from Vietnam because of their light skin being more popular to the foreigners. This was a good rescue with the temporary safe house being so close and they spent 3 days there. Finally, we were able to get them over the mountains as the rain had let up allowing us to move them safely. First, we took them to another safe house mainly to give them rest and make sure we had no shadows. Once we felt good, they were taken to their new home and there they would begin their new life. Safe happy healthy and start school. Rescued 9 all very young. Previous total: 1590 New total: 1599 Twitter: Zaysan@questslavery Facebook: The Quest ECSS

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