Human Trafficking The Quest – Well that was a different rescue August 2019

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Human Trafficking The Quest – Well that was a different rescue August 2019 The Team called and had a rescue they wanted to do but we would need some help from local officials and that is not always the best situation for a rescue. As many of you know local officials are not always on the right side, it is like making a deal with a coyote. To get to this brothel, it was one way in and one way out and it passed right by the local Police. We know these cops and they are always corrupt but that sometimes goes to our advantage, as you might think. We knew they were being paid to look the other way for the bad guys but also to stop anyone messing with their cash flow. We found one that was new and had interest in taking payment from both sides and yes, we knew what we could be getting into. So we made the arrangements with him and gave him a time frame. This way we could make adjustments and pick our time when we knew we owned it. The Brothel had 11 kids ages from 7 to 14 and none were known to be in serious condition. The brothel had 2 guards and an accountant. We would do this during the day and would use local team members to be the face of our team and in local clothing. The vehicles would blend into the environment. We had spotters all along the escape routes and had two so we could separate the kids to take to the safe houses. We also had bikes that would follow to make sure of no shadows. It should be a normal rescue. Estimated time would take about 3 minutes inside, 2 minutes to pass the police station then 5 minutes to leave town. From there, it would be a good journey to the safe houses. The time was nearing to activation on the rescue when we got call from one of our spotters that saw the girls being moved. This was before the time gap we had told the official that we would make the rescue. The commander notified me and then had the spotters find out where they were going. It took about an hour till we heard back and what we found was that the dirty cop took the kids to his house in a building in back of his property. Geeezzz, what was he thinking; we just laughed and rearranged things. This made it a lot easier. His house was on edge of town with plenty of space between properties. We set up around his property without any notice to the locals as the transports just cruised up to the building. We spread the team out on guard while three went inside and put the guards to sleep along with the cop who we outed to the others before they went to sleep. I would not want to be him in the evening. The girls were more confused than scared and were easily moved to the transports. Total rescue time was 7 minutes. All went well and the girls got cleaned up and treated at the safe houses. We also informed them what would happen next. Later we found out the reason why they were not much trouble. All of the girls had been drugged to stay calm and they all would need some extra help with that. Other than this, all the kids were in ok shape and they should be no problem to place. 11 rescued Previous total: 1599 New Total: 1610 The Quest ECSS facebook: The Quest ECSS Twitter: Zaysan@questslavery Youtube: The Quest Human Trafficking

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