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 PART 3 OF 7

On to the next rescue. I activated our team to rescue an expected 24 girls. It was a brothel outside of town with no near neighbors but with other buildings that deal in other illegal products. It was a large Gang business. Our timing would be at a low time for doing business and most would be lightly staffed. Our volunteers had been watching this place for months and recently had become very close to gathering all the intel we would need to make this a fast rescue. The building was half block and half bamboo. The bamboo was in the back and made a perfect entrance for us. There were no doors at the back, only in the front. So we had Two Teammates to secure the front with stealth and silence. The rest go to the wall in the back with transports arriving just 2 minutes after our breach. We had estimated 5 minutes total and we knew that there were 4 guards inside and none outside. When these Gangs think no one would dare raid them with other businesses near by, they get relaxed. This night, they would find out that’s a bad idea with the Quest ECSS dropping in to say, “Hi”. 

After I gave the order to GO, it was a total of 6 minutes before all 24 kids were on their way to safe houses and the bad guys had no clue what had just happened. The 4 guards were put to sleep and their mouths were duck taped and we of course left our calling cards. The girls didn’t give us much trouble after they saw the nuns.  All of the girls were in the condition we expected but nothing critical, this time. It was a very clean rescue, almost textbook, if there is such a thing. So on for the next.

Total for tonight: 63 girls. This night’s rescue total will be included in the grand total at the end of part 7.

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