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 PART 4 OF 7

We are still going on with our Quest of 7 rescue missions in one night. The first three were successful. We have been planning this for several months now and have had teams in place all over the map.

But, this one is a little different. There are 18 little girls at this one and some are as young as 5 years old. So, this is an extra special one to us. 

It is inner city so we will have to be a bit crafty. There are as many as 7 guards at any given time. It also caters to foreigner customers. This brothel is located down one of the many shantytown streets. If you have not read my past rescues in these shantytowns, I suggest you do. Streets in shantytowns are about wide enough for a motorbike. They curve and twist and go in multiple directions. So, we will have to hit them fast and on foot with overwhelming numbers. We will have 20 teammates on this one. We used the wider pathways with small motorbike taxies that can carry up to 5 people. They parked at the intersections of the smaller pathways and waited for our team to carry the kids to them. We also had teammates along the pathways to cover the team members as they carried the girls out to the taxis. 

We filled up the taxis and they proceeded to the larger streets to get into our transports that will take them to our safe houses. Our lookout volunteers were placed along the way for both taxis and transports so they watched for any shadows ahead to report to us so we could deal with them. Due to the difficulties of this rescue, we had a time limit of 14 minutes but that should be fine with the skills of our team. So, now we waited till all were in place.

The time was on so I finished my instructions to my commander and gave them the GO. It was on. All entries were to be from the front because all of the sides were covered with other huts. The team gathered at the door, breached and all of this was carried out without the bad guys even having a clue. This was a specialized rescue because we had a floor plan but those can often change. We did not know where all the guards were but with surprise, we were able to breach and acquire all the guards in an instant. It even surprised me but don’t tell the team I said that. 

More of our mostly Female team entered to grab the girls and it was good that the girls noticed this and did not get too scared at the first shock of what was happening. Most were really weak so that also helped us. Then, it was a full run carrying the girls to the taxis with some people getting run over by the team. No time to be polite. All got to the taxis quickly and then it was a short ride to the street and into our transports. No shadows and it was a clean run to the safe houses. It would be a while before the guards could wake up and of course they had calling cards from the Quest ECSS.

Total time of rescue was 10 minutes and let me say that was awesome!

Total of this rescue was 18 and again at the end of part 7 will be the totals.

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