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 PART 6 OF 7

Ok folks, this is a really big one but nothing anymore challenging than any of the others we have done. This one is more about volume. This brothel is in an old, poorly conditioned hotel that is still labeled as a hotel but everyone knows it’s really a brothel. One of the difficult parts is that each girl will be held in a separate room so we will be entering each room with some unknown elements. We can’t see thru walls. We know the girls will be sedated with an unknown type of drug but no matter how good our intel is, we still will not know if anyone is inside with them. The good thing is that there will be no locks on the doors. But, since the girls are drugged, they will not be able to walk out on their own. Most of the girls are under 13 years old and there will be only two guards. 

The hotel brothel is located in an older part of the city so the surroundings are in very poor condition. It was once a growing community and was actually a hotel but now the community is so poor that we will not attract much attention. Actually, it has only three ways in or out. Two are on the sides within a wall for the former workers and the wall surrounds the place with glass shards cemented into the top. So, the main front door was the only way that would truly be an escape route for the bad guys. Also, the wall will be cover for our transports making it easy for us to bring in the nuns and volunteers to collect the girls once we have taken down the guards. All we have to do now is to drive down to the entrance gate and take out the guard without waking the whole neighborhood. 

We had 4 escape routes planned and 5 we could also use, if needed. We had 7 transports for the girls and nuns. And as usual, our spotters would be positioned along each of the escape routes. Prior to the rescue, the entire area was very quiet. This was normal. There were no customers inside at this time and so it was time. I gave the Commander the Go and it was on.

Within 12 minutes they carried all of the girls out and into the transports. The guards were asleep with our calling card left on them. We picked up no shadows and it almost seemed like no one cared as we came and left with our precious cargo. All the girls were taken care of. The drugs would soon wear off and then the real work would begin. These kids were suffering from malnutrition, drug abuse with addiction, and beatings. They have a long road ahead of them but we have that covered. 

So, this total was 44 girls and with time, all would recover.

Again, the grand total for tonight’s raids will be at the end of part 7

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