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This rescue was in daylight and was at sort of a storehouse for what the bad guys call requites. They are the girls who have been taken from or bought from their families and then sold to different brothels. Most of these kids would be from Vietnam because of their light skin color and this is more popular to some customers. We have seen 14 girls there and we knew they would be moved and soon. We also knew the guards here were really the middle men that sell the girls so they will not put up much of a fight because they can always go and get more kids. Unfortunately, it’s the nature of the business.
The location was outside of a major city in Asia’s version of a barn. This one is made of bamboo so it was easy to raid. We just lucked out on the timing because most of the time, they were empty. It was going to be hit or miss with this many girls here at one time. There were 7 so-called guards here but they were outside drinking beer as the day broke.
Our hope was that the guards would stay outside and leave the girls unguarded but we did not have eyes inside. We did not know the girls’ condition or how they were being kept inside. There are always unknowns.
The commander told me they were all set and were expecting the unexpected. “Ready on Command”, I told him. It was a Go and so it was on with the breach. Total time 7 minutes. The guards didn’t put up any fight and were put to bed with our calling cards. The girls were being kept in a large cage like a holding cell with a simple padlock on the door. One of the GI Janes told them what was happening and it calmed them. We cut the lock and brought the girls out in a circle with our team surrounding them as they made their way to the Transports.
There were no shadows in route to the safe houses. Once there, we did the norm. The little girls were bathed and given clean clothes. We gave each of them a little toy animal to cuddle. We also told them what is next on their journey. These kids were mostly hungry and scared and unlike most of our rescues because they had not actually entered a brothel yet.
So here is the grand total of the 7 rescues in 5 countries in just 24 hours.
22+17+24+18+27+44+14=167 souls rescued with one death
A grand total of 166 live souls rescued.


Grand Total: 1662 + 167 = 1829

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