Action Report 1/22

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Action Report 1/22

We did my birthday rescue. It was in a small village just outside of a large city. There were only 3 ways in or out of the area. The routes to the safe houses were old and it would not be easy to follow us even if they tried. The safe houses were a distance from this route so again more safety. We would be able to see them at a distance. Also, we would have our spotters for seeing any shadows. We had the village covered with volunteers and team members. The brothel catered to some high end clients but mostly locals from the larger city near by. The local Police ran the brothel and there were only two of them. They ran this brothel for one of the gangs in the bigger city. This village only had about 100 homes and so the houses were mostly spread apart. The brothel was alone on a corner of the far side of the village next to a river. The route we would use would cross this river with no bridge but it was easily doable. The brothel had an old madam and one local guard. The conditions were really bad, no solid walls and we spotted several rats. We knew the girls were in bad shape and dirty. It was likely they were sick with diseases. Not much goes on in this village without many finding out. Sounded like our place to be!

We would enter from the river the same way we would leave. We would need 2 transports to carry the girls. We would have two teammates on the ground spotting from the rear and two teammates looking across the street from local businesses. Two teammates would apprehend the Police officers at dark. At the same time, our team would be on the move and ride a motorcycle to the brothel front door. Oh, and the liberated motorcycle was the policeman’s! At the same time, the teammates from the rear would breach from the back as the two across the street would casually make their way to the brothel to time it with our teammate in the policeman’s uniform. There were not many lights so hopes were that the guard would not pay any mind to him thinking he was the real Policeman. Then, the transports would move in. Upon entry, the guard would be put to sleep and the madam also before they even knew what was happening. In the transports would be two female volunteers who would be with the rest of the team as we would gather the girls and exit the brothel. So now, it was time for me to give the go and I did.

Well, as crazy as it was everything went exactly as planned. The girls were very weak, dirty and smelled really bad. The whole brothel smelled like something was dead in there. We knew there were 9 girls but we made an extra search to make sure there was no child left inside. The kids were extracted but some had to be carried out. Ages were 9 to 13. The guard and madam were gaged and bound. The Police officers were stripped naked and also bound and gaged. Someone would find them sooner or later! There were no shadows and the girls arrived safely to the safe house. All, as we expected, were sick and starving. After they were told what would happen next they were all patched up, fed, bathed, given new clothes and checked again. All were able to travel but time would be spent along the way to feed them and let them rest a little before getting to their new home. 

Rescued 9

Grand Total: 2294

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