Mission Report 3.6.22

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The Quest ECSS

Mission Report


We found a Child Brothel on the edge of town. It served mostly foreigners and had recently opened. Asia is opening slowly. This was one of the first we have seen that has opened to foreigners since the fake pandemic. It had been opening for about a month, had no solid routines so the intel was recent. We did know who was sponsoring this Child Brothel and it was one of the big gangs. Yet they were not involved except to make money. The local Police and Mayor were the ones operating it. It was an old French home and so this would make it more inviting to higher class clients. One day we noticed that none of the guards showed up and some of the girls had made their way out onto the porch. They did not leave because of fear and dependence on the brothel. If you want to know more about this, read some of my other rescues. 

The brothel was, as I said before, a French home so it stood out among the neighbors’ buildings. There were normally two guards with one sitting on the porch and the other inside. The Police made regular passes and visits since they were involved. Inside were 17 girls ages 9 to 14 and as is most always the case, they were not healthy. They only fed them what they had to and if they got sick, they trade them off or sell them for parts. The home was located on a corner and had open space on all sides. The neighbors were small businesses with a resort just down the road. It had the main front door and one door in the back. The windows were not an advantage to us, so we would need to use the front door to leave with the girls. We would have spotters all over the area with the usual intel leads and followers to escort the kids to our safe houses. The problem was it was located in a wide open area and cover would be difficult. This one is going to cost us some bucks. 

Towards dark, we would go to the restaurant where the police would be eating like they always do. We would have 5 teammates waiting outside to intervene if they left before we had rescued the girls and on our way. We had acquired a local delivery truck that could hold the 17 girls, a female teammate and a local volunteer to stay with the girls. It would be hot inside, so we would have spray bottles to help keep the girls cool. It would be night, so the heat was not a major concern, yet the weak condition of the girls was a factor. About 10 clicks away there would be three tour vans that the girls would be moved into with air con and food.

So, as night fell, the police were in the restaurant. The moving van would move to the house and back up to the front door. By then, the Guard would be asking us what was going on. At that point, he would be put to sleep and moved into the house where the other guard would get involved and same with him. During this time, 7 teammates would enter the back door and begin arranging the escape. The two guards would be stripped, duck taped and would wake up later to have lost face. Then the girls would be calmed and quickly told of their freedom as they moved to the front door. Spotters would give the go ahead to exit and enter the truck. On the way to the transport vans, they would all be told what to expect. 

The time came. We were all in place, so we executed the mission. All went perfectly, just as planned, and we had no shadows. The girls were all very tight with each other, so we had to keep as many as we could in only two of the vans because they did not want to be separated. Also, we were going to use only one safe house, so the girls would not get too scared. The girls were weak, needed nutrition and most had scars from beatings. They all got bathed, new clothes, and food. Then, they enjoyed the trip in the air conditioned vans and began to realize that they were no longer slaves. They were free. They arrived safety to their destination and are doing fine in their new life.

Previous Total: 2285

This Rescue: 17

Grand Total: 2302



Twitter: TheQuestECSS@questslavery

Rumble: EndingChildSexSlavery

MeWe: ZaysanZaysan

Youtube: The Quest Human Trafficking

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