Corona virus update Quest Update 1829 rescued

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Just wanted to let you know about our kids and how the Corona virus update has affected us. You know in a way we are always locked down but there were many things we had to activate to keep everyone safe from this new enemy.

Any activities outside the walls are now being controlled by our team and select Volunteers. They go out to get food, medicine, repair and cleaning materials and so on. Each time they return they are checked for symptoms. All the items are washed and everyone is washing their hands often. All the kids are being taught about what is going on and how they are safe. They are really good at following rules and now there are many rules to follow. The big one is no visitors. All have assignments each and everyday to clean, and pay attention to do as each has been asked of them. Each child is also checked each morning and evening. Most of the jobs have been turned into a competition of sorts and all seem to be having fun. We have learned a lot in this event to maybe continue some of the activities that have come from this.

To this date all are healthy the Team, Volunteers, and our Kids. We have also found several markets that are giving us food. Our property has now started producing its own food and got our first crop of fish from our fishpond. The underground areas for storage of food and safety have grown and will soon be used for its purposes.

The bad guys seem to be hold up because they have not been seen since all of this started. The Child Brothels are inactive currently also due to the current situation.

We have also been building and making modifications to each of our places for the future. One of our plans moving forward is to set the example of what these homes should be. We have many in our team with skills outside of being us being rescuers and protectors.

We have the ability to design their security, their safety, and to make it sustainable. We actually go even farther with rules and orders each Home should follow and especially why. Some examples would be, visitors and volunteers would have to commit for months not weeks. Also access to medical in some fashion to be accessible 24/7 and fyi that will be a difficult one but we have a plan. Some our storage places would also have emergency food that could last a long time. In design, one of the really important items would have to be an entry port like schools have where the rest of the campus is not accessible. I think you get the idea. Lets say when we have the money; we will create this golden rule and help any home to create this for themselves.

Ok, my rambling has gone on long enough. I just had so many of you calling or emailing asking what is happening and are the girls well and safe?

All is good and we are in a way just in a time out while all this passes.

Blessings all


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