The Quest ECSS Pandemic Rescues 7/20/20

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The pandemic has drastically slowed the foreign pedophiles down. I have noted this on past updates. That does not mean we have not been policing our territories. Even though it has all but stopped the foreign pedophiles there are still the locals we need to deal with. The Brothels have all but been shut down and the girls, well some of the girls have some been just released but many others have come to other outcomes I would rather not display to you. We’ve watched these Brothels of interest before and during the pandemic looking for information to use when we have the funds and opportunity to save the girls. We would have liked too have been all over but we have limits too. So, we did what we do.

Due to, the generosity and compassion of a recent donor, and the shutdown, we were able to expand one of our safe house locations. So, logistically we concentrated on that area that was within reach of this home. We moved upcoming teams to focus on that area. This is what took place next.

We had all of our teams on alert so we could act quickly when what we believed would happen, happened. Most of our team would be public females and the nuns and volunteers would be backed up by female teammates. We also had our hard equipped team in the background. Just as we expected, one of the brothels we had been watching was abandoned by the guards and we paused to see any activity. After 20 minutes we saw no movement so some of our team posing as nuns moved in with caution and inspected. When we got the all clear we sent up the trucks and quietly loaded the bewildered girls. There was nothing around paying any attention as we used our normal rescue procedures and headed to the safe houses. 6 young girls were weak and hungry but all would recover and were moved to the house.

We were also at another location that was mostly the same and did the same rescue. In that almost the same, there were 8 weak hungry and sick little girls and one of them was just 6 years old. All would recover and all made it safely to their new home.

There have been other things happening also. Some of the guards of these child brothels were not so willing to let the girls go so they kept a couple here and there. They were jobless now and trying to arrange their own sales. The Monsters were getting desperate to fill there needs and were making arrangements to take this product from the guards. We got wind of it because with the lock down over there people had not much to do but talk. So we had small teams of 3 and 4 work these. In 7 of these rescues, 12 were rescued. The guards did not put up any fight and they chose to flee. I think that was a good thing for them. So all in all during this part of the pandemic 26 young girls were rescued. All donated monies were spent along with what the team and I put in.

We are still working this crime against humanity and taking all the precautions needed to make it safe from beginning to end.

A heartfelt Thank you to all of you that are with us and are continuing to pass along the stories to impassioned rescues both here and in spirit.

Blessing Z

Total this rescue: 26

Grand Totals: 1855

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