Fundraiser Rescue 2020 #2

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Fundraiser Rescue 2020 #2


This was a tough one. Our volunteers had already been shot at on occasion and there were up to 7 guards at any moment. A lot of this is because it is a gang brothel and the guards are not always guards; they are on their way to and from gang jobs. This makes it very difficult to conduct a safe and successful rescue. This type of rescue would be a no go for any other outfit but we have been watching this brothel for over a year. There are weaknesses and ones we can create. One reason that we chose this one is that we have a lot of teammates in the area and safe houses within reach. Also, it would send a big message to the gang who runs it that we are coming for them. We will end this part of their business in the years to come. We have already created enough damage to make profit a challenge in this area. 

So, to the rescue. It was located in city central on a make shift road just off the main market street. One way in and one way out to the main road. Once in the brothel, there was no escape because this road is the only way out except the air and we do not have that right now. For the brothel, the main entrance is the also the only way in and out. Current Intel shows 21 kids in there with 7 guards. The girls’ ages range from 6 to 12. It is a must that we go after them. This brothel was also associated with organ harvesting. We would have done this much sooner but we did not have the money to assure success. We had available to us 4 safe houses but all were at a distance. We wiould have a nurse and doctor with us on this one. We had to pay the doctor. There are 42 houses and businesses on this road so we had to get creative. We had already established friendlies along the road and they pointed out the ones to not trust. 

Once to the main road, we would take 4 routes out of town and that meant a lot of spotters and action crews if we were followed. The local Police would also have to be kept busy because they were on the payroll. We then staged some distractions for the police at the “go time” of the rescue. We also set up a fake construction site at end of a road where it meets the main road. There would be equipment to block the road but we would move it as our transports were leaving. Currently, they were parked at the friendlies stores and homes. 

We were ready and I gave the go. People were being redirected at the road entrance and if anyone resisted we would assay if they were part of the gang. If so, they would be quietly removed. It was on. Everything was in place and 10 teammates hidden in the transports, emerged and stormed the brothel. It was meant to be overwhelming to take them by surprise but we did not know where they all would be so it was stormy to say the least. 


To our dumb luck, all the guards were in the main room where most were playing a card game. They were quickly bound, gagged, and declothed. Our redemption card was left on all of them as we gathered up the girls till we had all 21. We did a quick look around to see if we had missed any but it was an all clear. All the girls were in really bad condition and the stink was so bad. The transports had moved up to the front of brothel and all were secured. The blocked street was opened and all transports left with no shadows. They all made it to the exit roads and then to the safe houses. Still no shadows and the girls were being evaluated. During the process, the doctor just left and had to be run down. He was too scared so we took back our money and held him till the kids made it to their new home.

Most of the girls would not have made it another week so they and we were very lucky again to have rescued them when we did. 

Note: I thought this important. What the Team witnessed was so devastating to them that they were very shaken. The girls were fed three spoons full of rice a day, beaten, mutilated, and so on. One teammate was sitting on the floor crying and a girl that had just been rescued was consoling him. They hugged and then the soldier had to call his wife and talk to his kids. 


Blessings are on us because all the girls would make it. Some had even smiled as I watched the lady teammates care for them. This is why we do this and I cannot explain the feeling.

21 Rescued

Total 2020 Fundraiser Rescues: 48

Total Rescues: 1950 and

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