Fundraising rescue 2

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Team on the ground ready for rescue we have been waiting to dol. In outskirts of large city. The girls see several customers a day and are in bad health. They, the team have insider access at a local hospital and are securing an area for us to bring all that we will need treatment. It is known that many have been tortured. The team is arranging all intel to conduct rescue if I approve. This has to be fast and we will have to hold the bad guys at bay for extended period of time. The town is all in on these operations. I am arranging safe houses now. Ok all is a go. The place was more of a shack than it was a building. It was well known who owned it and no one would dare cause trouble here. due to this it lacked security and had easy access to get out of town fast. We would draw attention as we knew because this place was more local. Bad guys, mothers, brothers and families would deliver their daughters in the open and receive payment on the spot. So the team decided to go with normal attire and the team that was in the transports would be military but not seen till the rescue was on way out. We did not have to have as many volunteers here because once we were gone it was not likely to be followed. There would be too much chaos. Even though we would have all we needed to make sure we got away clear. Once we were all in position and the nurses were in the safe houses we moved. It was fast and little resistance the girls were so weak they did not give much trouble but their condition I think caused them not to really care what was happening. When we rescue it is never known how the kids will react because each area has such a different culture. So as we were hoping we were gone as we watched the chaos stir while we were already moving away. They assessed the girls on the move and way to safe house and all was what we expected. They were like the last rescue, weak beaten scared and some were really sick. We got here just in time before they would have been removed as you should have read in our past rescues. We got to safe houses without shadows but we never take anything for granted. It took a little longer than normal because we wanted to make sure all were stable before moving on. Again we did not have the time to get them new cloths or any toy the team had been waiting to get this done for quite some time. And so it was done. 14 children rescued and safe.

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