Fundraising rescues 12/15-16/2018

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Philippines rescue. The city is highly populated and we have not attempted a rescue here because of the danger and needs we did not have before. We paid off several government officials to be unavailable. Many volunteers used here. been waiting a long time did not have the medical supplies we knew we would need and was only available on black market also safe house rare due to gangs are everywhere here. These are kids that have mostly been sold by families. Average age 14 and as young as 5. All come from shanty towns. Also the president there has given private citizens authority to kill drug dealers and whoever they think is bad and to kill them. So we are very carful to act here. Now we have money we needed to act. Here we go. This is a big one. Hold on, first no matter how much intel we have things can go bad and here it did for us but not our kids. Three team members got shot on entry but none were serious and all were wearing body armor and it is considered a badge of honor. Two gi joes and one gi jane. The reason this happened was not a mistake. This could always happen anywhere we rescue. It is in a very confined area and one entry and exit unless we went thru roof and that was not going to happen. The intel included they were armed but not with anything to serious. Even the bad guys were poor. Entry was standard and in a line of grouping of two side by side. We had the floor plan but in these places were always subject to change. It was same and as the first two peeled off the ones behind got hit from the panic of the guards. They were quickly put to sleep and the girls had no where to go but made a lot of noise and were really scared. I don’t think they thought we were human. The volunteers were not brought with us due to danger and would be waiting outside the city where we would take them. Most of the team here were female and it helped calm the girls. We took them fast to the pathways that lead out of the shanty town. We moved fast and it was in view of everyone we passed but none were associated with the brothel or gangs or knew to fight with us would end badly for them. I know they would notify someone in the gang but by then it would be too late. We had trucks with covers waiting and all entered and we were out of there, FYI as they looked back they showed me that the brothel was on fire but we had volunteers making sure it did not spread. The team picked up the volunteers to take care of the kids and made it safely to the safe houses without any shadows. All 32 kids were in really neglected state. We expected this and had all we needed to get them fixed up and on their way to their destination. They had not been bathed or feed much and had marks all over body. They would receive more treatment once they were at final destination. All would survive. We did not have time for the toy or new cloths at safe house like we normally do. Once we knew the money was there they all wanted to show what could be done and how fast. Thank you thank you thank you. This rescue resulted in 32 saved.

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