Fundraising rescues 3

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This one had been near and dear to our heart. It was constantly being monitored by the volunteers but it position made it almost impossible to conduct a rescue without funds. It was located on a river and access to front was wedged in by many houses and exits from city were extremely difficult. The town basically was the brothel. It was depended on for income both from the families and bad people who sold them and also for the police who were dependent on the gang to support them. This was a destination for child virgins to rent or purchase. The thing was no matter how we planned we would have difficulty almost any way out of city. Also there were few places to take them to safe houses and no one in area could be trusted. The only way would be a rescue by water but that would cost a lot to get the boats and the places that had them we would not liberate. They were good people and depended on the boats for fishing and could not miss a day. It was the family’s survival as little as it was. So with your funding it opened the doors. It was the only way it could happen. We paid each of 9 boats nearly the entire village’s boats 15 times their daily income up front, trust is small in these areas. They could all buy new boats this was and still have lost income if we failed to follow thru. In reality it really was not that much but to them it was very real. We even took a few of the women along to help with the kids. Intel was great here due it being so local and people talked about it freely. So while negotiation with the village they lead us to safe houses that were in a way we could easily defend. They were more than an hour away so retaliation or the town finding out who helped us was not going to happen. Also these rivers had many routes that we would take so not give any direction to the bad guys to know where we went. These boats were very common here on the river and the moving of people was also common and we would not be paid any attention to while moving to the location to return the boats and the transports to take us to the safe houses. So it was on. We completely surprised them and had half the girls out before they knew we were there and the bad guys were easily put to sleep without anyone else noticing. The kids were in bad shape as expected and the long boat ride was actually pleasant for most of the girls. It really helped to have the local ladies on board to talk to them. We arrived without incident to the village and all was waiting for us to transport without many eyes watching us. The safe houses had been secured long before the rescue had taken place and the girls were bathed but we again did not have the new cloths or any toys to give them but that would be waiting at their final destination. The girls were somewhat better shape here most likely many were being sold. Rescued 27
With the other two rescues tonight 32+14+27=73 previous total: 1363 Grand total: 1436

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