Retaliation rescues The Quest ECSS final totals

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Sorry it has taken me so long I have fallen on some really hard times and time is a little difficult right now, but the Quest ECSS will not pause. So Proud of my friggen team!!! On the kids rescued from being brought in by middle men and from sources like parents selling them, or kidnapped, or being told that they would have good job to help support family. The men and women providing this service do this everyday. The majority of children come from Vietnam because of the light skin color and are more valuable to foreigners. In the short time we had the teams moved many miles up and down the road. Normally we would we would first offer to buy but the money we did raise was needed for other things. Also we wanted to send message. So all these kids were recovered without payment. All the kids were in ok condition for coming from very poor conditions. Total: 4, 8, 2, 3, 2, 4, 3, 3, 4, 6, 5 = 45 The kids that had already been processed and were on their way to brothels totals. Processed in this situation can mean many things. Some are straight from the environment they were taken from, Some were resistant and beaten and raped and tortured. Most all were virgins and they are never to be touched because they would bring the most money but the monsters that do this business use them and these kids have to be lets say revirginized. I think you know what I mean without having to say it. So many of these girls needed medical supplies and would be treated some at the safe houses and once they reach where they would be, get a full mental and physical treatment. If they were to be returned to family we would treat them first. Now for the totals: 12, 14, 6, 21, 17, 9, 11 = 80 Now the auction house. As I explained in the action report it was heavily guarded but we had an overwhelming force and very skilled team. It was swift and fast. They had no idea someone would attack this place, they were more prepared for interruptions to the auction. When we entered the auction was underway. Sometimes they put on camera a few girls other times just one at a time. Oh the customers were watching online and place bids. Sometimes I think everyone knows what I am talking about. Not many of you ask questions. Anyway we moved so fast without much resistance that we were able to capture many ip addresses and other intel of those participating. We also found in three of the rooms girls performing online for customers. The guards that had not yet went to sleep yet gave up intel where other kids were doing the performances online from private homes. Usually in this situation they do this with parents or relatives orders. All about the money not the human.
We hit three for time management and locations. In the Auction House we rescued: 21 + 12 from the rooms. Fyi the girls performing in the rooms work 1 hour shifts. Total here: 33 The private homes rescues totaled: 8 The Hospital rescue did not turn out as we hoped as you read. Two had had organs harvested and the organs were sold and gone. We took these girls and would transport with respect to where they could be offered peace in the afterlife. We were not able to find their families but we did identify where their spirit was from and returned it. Considered a rescue 2 Now for the trafficked fake mothers with drugged kids, maimed kids, and flower girls. Totals:
Fake mothers all 7 refused our help because they were afraid of the gang more than us.
The kids that that were drugged and laying on their laps totaled 8 kids rescued.
For the maimed kids, 9 rescued.
The Flower girls, totaled, 22 rescued.
Treatments needed were bruises, drugs, malnutrition, and the maimed would be treated and found help for them for their disabilities, all would be protected from the gangs forever. So grouping that total; 8,9,22 = 39 Now for the three brothels we hit.
The first child brothel we got 27
The Second child brothel we got 33
The Third child brothel we got 44 That comes to 27, 33, 44 = 104 Think how much this will cost the gang and the events within that organization after this..woop woop !! Grand total for this one mission: 311 Previous Total: 1052 New Total: 1363 This rescue for the memory of our 5 fallen teammates since our beginning. Also I would consider this our thanksgiving rescue. Thank everyone so much I cannot express words I hope all of you know the team volunteers, donors, friends all of you I love all of you. Thank you!!!

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