Since the fundraiser January 2019

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This particular brothel has been on our radar for quite some time. Unfortunately it is run by several government officials and this makes our mission quite difficult because of the fact that its under the protection of government officials and also because its located in a very small village where everyone knows everyone’s business. It is imperative that we take our time here and keep the identities of those in the village who are helping us by providing us with crucial information.
We have secured a safe house that is far away enough in distance to ensure the safety of the children once rescued however, due to the open area surrounding this village our team must be incredibly accurate with our escape route. Many travelers pass through this particular brothel and the girls kept inside are suffering due to lack of food and medical treatment amongst their daily burden of being a prisoner to sex traffickers. This brothel is a major source of income for this tiny village so we have many enemies here on the lookout to keep their “commodities” protected. Foreseeing that several things could go wrong, our Commander of the operation put several options in place to use if needed. It is beneficial to our rescue missions to try to work with the local officials as much as possible in a peaceful solution based manner. For example, several years ago we were able to close down 6 child brothels in a town due to peaceful negotiations. This strategy has kept the brothels away and the local villagers now chase the gangs away from bringing the brothels back.
With this peaceful strategy in mind, three of our team went to meet with the Chief who sees himself as the police. We negotiated a way for him to retain his position in the village while we rescued the girls without a fight.
In other words, we made a deal with him to look the other way. At the negotiated time and day we simply walked in in plain clothes with some volunteers and collected the girls and took them to safety.
The Chief kept his promise and we rescued 7 children. Unfortunately they were in worse shape than we had anticipated to we decided to take them to a safe house that was closer where they could be cared for until they were stronger to move.
To ensure that this brothel is no longer used, we have implemented a game plan that encourage more tourists to visit this village which will uplift the economy here which will in turn satisfy the current Chief or if he is intent to start a new brothel, he will be replaced.
Thank you all, without the fundraiser this would never have happened.
Rescued 7 ages 6 to 13
Previous Total: 1436
Grand Total: 1443 The Quest ECSS additions to our cause January 2019 This is a update that I am very happy about since the fundraising event. Rescuing children is just the beginning… after the dangerous missions of rescue we place the
children in orphanages to heal, feel safe, go to school, eat, receive therapy, and to acclimate back into a social system where they are accepted. Our team members are at each one of these places 24/7. From their own pockets they help around the place with repairs, cooking and wherever they are needed. Well many of our places are non Buddhist and not supported in anyway by those governments. They are on their own but still have strict codes by those governments. We have flooded these places with our rescued kids and have never been able to pay the $20 a month to keep them, yet they take them in unconditionally. There are four of these places that are in disrepair and the repairs needed are beyond us along with proper paperwork for legal operations. These four will soon be closed if not brought up to code. We have done a great job delaying that process. Since the fundraiser we have created a plan of specific directions with use of the funds. This month two of the places will have new sewer systems, additions to existing buildings for more kids and safe construction, Kitchens will have walls to satisfy government and documents. We are able to now make the necessary roof repairs, update the bathrooms and smaller things like installing mosquito nets over the beds. We are now also to supply the kitchen with much needed pots and pans for cooking. Most importantly right now is to fix the flooding problem that will get worse as the rains come. Thankfully, with the fundraiser in December of last year, we are able to this building as well as the other two next month. So thanks again to the fundraiser. Facebook: The Quest ECSS

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