Rescue 1 Fundraising Rescues December 2021

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Rescue 1

Fundraising Rescues December 2021

Mission Report December 21 

We had arranged several locations to do rescues for our fundraiser since we would have the money. This is the first. 

Our volunteers had been watching a large brothel that was a big house at edge of city central. It was backed up against a large hill that became a mountain. There were some trails in the mountain but not large enough for a normal vehicle. So, we arranged some off road trail vehicles. The house currently held 23 girls. Our major concern was not being noticed. So, we would be entering from the rear. Also, we would create some traffic in the front area. It is not uncommon for cars, trucks, and people to have accidents there and for people to fight and yell at each other. When this happens everyone gets noisy. Of course, it will be our people. The teammates will enter from the rear and neutralize the 3 guards inside. We will make sure no Johns are inside at the time. Then, our resident nun will enter once all is in control. She will take the 23 girls up the hill to our waiting vehicles. 5 in total. This is going to be expensive!

Once the cargo is in place, they would be taken to two of the trail exits to roads. One is busy so we would have our vans waiting at this one to move the girls to the safe houses. The other trail came out near a quite road. We would have spotters everywhere in and off the mountain and especially at the exit with spotters all the way to the safe houses.  

The exit with our kids up the mountain to the waiting vehicles would be a bit testy not knowing the full condition of the kids. So, the team would be with 7 breaching the house and exit. Another 10 would be hidden on the side of the mountain to assist. Once the kids were on route to the other transportation, these 10 teammates would become our ground spotters. Once we have our kids to the trail vehicles, we may have a problem separating the girls into 4 transports. Some may have created bonds while in bondage. So that will be addressed quickly when dividing them. The girls will be shy to speak up so the nun will watch closely as we go up the mountain. The girls are respectively scared of nuns but also do as they are told so that is the main reason we will have a nun enter the brothel with us. Also 3 more female volunteers with be waiting with the transports and ride with them to the road. Then they would stay with them all the way to the safe house checking on their health so we would know what to expect at the safe houses. 

So, I gave the GO and the distraction worked better than thought. All guards were at the front of house. There were no Johns inside so we moved in thru the back and all girls were kept quite as the nun put her finger to her mouth and all the girls came with her without hesitation. They all exited the back and up the mountain and only two needed help. It seemed the girls were very weak and some fell behind and were picked up by our teammates. All was good and it seemed they accepted us fully. This was not normal but I think the site of the nun made all the difference. 4 teammates stayed inside and waited for the guards to come back in. At this time all the girls had made it to the transports on the mountain and were in route to the road where they would change to the vans. 

The team waited inside against the wall where the guards would enter once the excitement ended. After about 10 minutes they all entered one after the other. They did not notice our team. Once inside, a teammate closed the door and with all guns pointed at the guards one of our teammates put his finger to his mouth and they complied. They got on their knees with hands behind their heads. Then, they were bound, gagged, and moved to one of the girls rooms. Now our teammates exited the back and made their way up the mountain. They had their own transport. 

The girls made it to the roads, entered the vans and were off. The assessment of the girls was that all are malnourished but nothing life threatening so they all met at the same safe house with no shadows. It was clear that they were out of harms way and our safe house was very remote. They were washed and given new clothes and feed well. Each received a small stuffed animal and allowed to rest a few precious hours. By then, they would have more energy. 

They, then made it to their destination where they would begin a beautiful life.  

Rescued 23 ages 8 to 13 

Fundraiser total 23 

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