Rescue 2 Fundraising Rescues December 2021

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Rescue 2

Fundraising Rescues December 2021

Mission Report December 21 

The next target was in another country. This one is in city central and was more of a local brothel where most of the johns were local. These are some of the worst conditions and the girls were sold for one hour for as little as $3. This location was in city central and along a semi busy street and brightly lit at night. The location was a string of makeshift buildings using scraps of metal, tarps, and anything they could find to make shelter. It was surrounded on three sides with other places just the same. To rescue these kids, the routes were plentiful and it was low budget so our biggest problem would be to not take it lightly. There were 8 girls here ages 7 to 12 years old.  

The plan was to set up in front of the rear building in case we would have to breach into the brothel from there and to watch the occupants of that business. In front, we would casually park 4 transports blocking view from the locals. This is not uncommon for this to occur so it would be our cover. All our transports would have hidden teammates with drivers exposed who would leave the transport and walk across the street to watch for any threats. The third transport would casually talk to the guard, show interest, and go inside. Then, the guard would be put to sleep. The teammate inside would motion for the others to enter. There would be 8 teammates entering with 4 being female to gather the girls. One of the teammates spoke the local language so she would be in charge of telling the girls what was going on. Then, all would be taken to one transport. The route we chose had many back streets till we reached city limits and then on to the safe house. Again, there would be spotters along the way to make sure there are no shadows.  

It was time. I gave the GO. With all in place, all went as planned but one thing was not expected. Well it was and it wasn’t. The conditions were so nasty. The smell was like something dead was rotting, there was no plumbing, there were roaches everywhere even to the point one of our teammates had them all over her. There was one huge rat eating something in the corner only 10 ft from one of our girls. With the guard bound and gagged, the girls had to mostly be carried to the transport due to how weak they were. These are the brothels where these little girls are used 8 to 15 times a day. They are barely fed and never washed. I think you get the picture. 

On the route to the safe house, some of the girls did not seem to be moving or alert. We were in a remote area and some of our spotters found a hidden area and made their way to it. They were so weak. Our medic determined that they needed water and some food. The travel could make things worse. The spotters took positions to watch the area and let the team with the kids know if there was any activity. Some of the team who were still in area of rescue were informed of the situation and were told to get some food and water and bring it to us. An hour later they arrived and with them came one of our local volunteers that had some nursing experience. She was too scared to be part of the actual rescue but was more than willing to help us now. 

They spent 3 hours at this location helping the girls gain enough energy to travel to the safe house. During this time not one vehicle or person entered our zone. Someone must be looking out for us. So, now we were on the move again and we stopped every half hour to check the girls. Then, we made it to an alternative safe house where we could stay longer. It was very remote and safe yet we followed our protocols and watched the area for anything we did not like. It was so necessary to clean these kids up and take time to feed them and most of all to show them they were surrounded with loving beings. That would be the best medicine they could get. While there, 2 more nurses arrived and tended to our kids. We waited till the next morning to move out to the home where they would always be taken care of.  

Rescued 8

Fundraiser total 31 

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