Rescue Mission Report 11-11-2021

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Rescue Mission Report 11-11-2021

We were just finishing up the last two rescues when it occurred to us that since the neighboring country was just starting to open up again that there might be a surge of new products to refill the brothels. We had two teammates and several volunteers already at one of the busiest crossings. So, I had the commander check out what was going on there. It was not long and from a local restaurant, he noticed several transports crossing with what looked like would be our targets. He said he would get back to me. He called all our friends in the area and asked them do some eyes on and to get back to him. 

Then a short time later, Commander reported back and advised that they had confirmed 3 transports so far. We had about 30 teammates available so we called for a meeting of those in the area. In about an hour we had a plan. With 23 teammates available, we arranged some safe houses. This was easy because we frequent this area a lot. Once confirmed and with a final destination set, we were ready to head out to the border with plenty of routes to safe houses already in our book. Then 3 hours later, we had a team, spotters, shadow chasers and the standby team in ready if needed. 17 teammates would be on bikes and in communication with group leaders. Once a target was located, the group leaders would advise the teammates of the situation and then make a plan. We had 4 transports in the area that would be called in when needed. 

It was not long before we had a hit from 2 of our volunteers who had eyes on a truck with 7 young girls inside. The team leader in the area responded with a team of 5 and found the trafficker. They followed the target and waited for an opportunity. It did not take long. There was some heavy traffic as our 5 teammates approached. 2 parked their bikes a little ahead of the truckload of girls and walked toward the truck. The other 3 teammates stayed close. The 2 went to the truck; one entered on each side and had the driver at gunpoint. We took the driver to a side street and dumped him out. They then made their way with the team following close. The route was determined and spotters notified. They had no shadows and continued to the safe house where all the girls were released from their restraints. A nun that was waiting informed them of what was happening and told them what was to come. Then, we waited till we acquired more girls!

Team 2 had 4 teammates and had noticed that one of the suspected trucks parked after entering the border. This is normal and people crossing the border stop and get food and other things with all the shops located there. Two of the team approached the driver in the store, took him outside and around the corner. For $200 he was convinced to give us the keys that were then relayed to the other teammates. One drove and the other followed. The two with the driver hung out with him and took him for a walk to prevent him from notifying anyone. The teammates took the girls to the same safe house with no shadows and joined the others. Once we knew the new cargo was clear, the driver was released and strongly advised to find a new job. 

At the border, the last team was just hanging out around the stores for 5 hours when they came across another truck that fitted what we were looking for. The team followed this truck for 20 minutes and we were getting worried that he would soon get to his drop off site. If this happened, everything would change on how we could rescue the girls. So, the team leader made the decision to stop the truck. There was not much traffic and no intersections where the truck might slow down or stop. So, the team surrounded the truck on their bikes, slowed it down and two other teammates went to the sides of the truck doors and motioned for him to stop. With the team in front, sides and back, he complied. He was informed that we were taking his cargo and then they took him out of town to the opposite side of the city and released him about 5 miles out of town. Then, we found a new route to get to a different safe house. With no shadows, all arrived safely.

The first capture yielded 7 young girls, the second 9 girls and the third 11. All were newly taken and being transported to brothels in the area. We were not able to confirm the deliveries were Gang related and that is an unknown. Likely they were going to other organizations, Police, Businessmen, Politicians, etc. Knowing the restrictions were ending and travelers were returning, we were really happy to be able to so quickly get these girls to safety before they could be abused. 27 girls were rescued in less than a day, ages 9 to 13. They were on to their way to a new life.

We spent more money than we had but I covered the rest. Thanks to all of you who donate, pray and spread the word.

Previous rescued: 2146

This rescue: 27

New Total: 2173

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