Mission Report 0000001

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The Quest ECSS

Human Trafficking

Mission Report 0000001


Same area as last rescue.



Chinese gang


Got a call from a friend in one of the hospitals about they just brought in 4 kids from a local brothel that are to sick to sell to another brothel and they will not heal them so they are there for the doctor to remove and sell their organs. This is very common in this area so we have been working this sort of rescue for some time.


Since the girls are there now we went directly to the hospital. On this one we needed local looking and speaking teammates. 4 would go in with two staying downstairs. With 3 in our liberated van. We would use our contact to find them and remove them without drawing attention. Again our contact would make that a reality. Others there will help with that. Then to the Van and to a nearby safe house that has been arranged. There they will get what they need to be taken to a new home where they can start a real life.


My Team executed the objective perfectly in less than 7 minutes. The girls had bad flu and were taken care of over night in the safe house. Then we arranged a different transport and different route than we had planned to make the trip more comfortable. Three weeks later they are in good health.


Rescued: 4

Previous total: 3069

Grand Total: 3073

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