Mission Report 0000003

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The Quest ECSS

Human Trafficking

Mission Report 0000003


Outside central City


Local business people


Another Warehouse to house new children, this is related to the last one we shut down. It has at last count 43 girls ages 8 to 14. There is one entrance and only has three guards. Kids are expected to be put in the local brothels within the next day. Two guards inside and one outside. Exits are north or south not a busy area and no buildings near by.


On teammate will approach outside guard and put to sleep. Then we will bring in 7 teammates to take down the two inside guards then a nun we have with us will enter and calm the girls. Next 5 vans will come to door and collect the kids. They will be taken to a safe house with an escort then once they know what is happening they will get to their destination.


It was to easy all went exact total time 7 minutes the guards were de clothed and duck taped together with our cards left on them. All kids were in fair condition and made it to destination.


Rescued: 43

Previous total: 3073

Grand Total: 3116

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