Mission report 08/30/21

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Mission report 08/30/21

We had finally gotten situated in a place where we did not have to worry about covid blocks, other than the borders; it was relatively free. It took weeks to get the team in country but we did it. It was maybe one of the most difficult missions we’ve had so far.  

Our volunteers had been watching like always but the covid thing had not been cooperating. They had been watching a location, a warehouse that had a lot of activity. Little kids had been moved in but they did not ever come out. At this time, we counted 41. Its location was open to three sides with three entrances. It was located on two streets in a more open area without wall-to-wall neighbors. We had easy exits to get the kids out fast by road and several alternatives if needed. Spotters would have plenty of locations to watch for us.

Have you ever had that feeling you were being set up? Well, I had that feeling. Most businesses were open now but the tourist section was not. The sex trade had suffered for quite some time as this country was hit and miss for travel. Yet, they were getting going again. You would think this made sense collecting young girls for the reopening of the country? Something just did not feel right. Why would they be bringing in so many girls they would have to feed and not have many customers?

We began looking in areas where we would be making our run to the safe houses. We already knew of the International gang that had these kids. Soon, we began to notice a common trend. We found several of the gang members just hanging out along many streets and crossroads. The team met up while the volunteers kept position with the new intel and descriptions. It is possible that we were just paranoid but then again we are supposed to be. We set up for 28 hours and it became obvious and confirmed that they were lookouts whether or not they were for looking us. They were there and we had to deal with it and did so. The good thing is that we had plenty of teammates since we are working in the only open area in Asia.

Now, back to the warehouse where our new kids were being held captive. Each of the three entrances had two armed guards. They were dressed like normal locals but with their guns semi obvious. This is how we will do it. First, we will remove the guards and replace them with ours and this will give us a short time to do more recon. At the same time, we will neutralize the lookouts on the roads from the warehouse. Then, one of our team will enter the warehouse and see what is going on inside and locate our kids. Once identified, he would leave the building and give us all of the intel and then, we would move in. We had three transports with all women volunteers and two of them are teachers at one of our locations that we take the girls to for their new homes. They would enter right after the team to calm the girls. Then, we would take the girls to the transports and on to the safe house while our people would follow the transports to cover the teams’ six. Our estimated time would be 9 minutes in and out with more than an hour to the safe house and then more time to the location of their new home.

We also got intel about the gangs’ near by buildings and set up on each of them. So, after check and recheck, we were ready to move.

The outside guards were neutralized and our fake guard entered and discovered a lot more than we thought. The first thing he saw were our girls in the far corner but along the wall to his left, multiple operations were taking place. He was staying out of sight of the two guards overlooking the girls who were all chained together on the floor. We could handle that quickly, as it was just their legs. Each girl had a chain from one to the next like a chain gang. He saw the whole side of the warehouse, two stories with windows and people dressed well for this country like businessmen and some women. He got closer and noticed a guard inside also dressed well. He had a modern gun. The windows were only visible because a curtain was blocking most of them. Maybe an oversight? Money was open and being counted. There was a lot of money and it seemed endless. The next office had people doing accounting, the next seemed loaded with packages with legit addresses but inside the packages, well you can guess. Can’t you? The second floor had no access to an exit from what could be seen. Also, there was only one door in the bottom office. With that, it could only mean that there was a lower level and tunnels because our watchers never saw anyone enter or exit except the guards.

Now, we knew why all the extra eyes were in the area. Then, one of their guards looked up at our fake guard so he headed for the restroom. While in there, he waited to see if that guard would come check him out. Instead, one of the employees came in, did his business, and did not say anything except nod his head. Our fake guard just waited a few and let us know. No one came so expectations were that the guard inside assumed he was one of theirs. So, he moved out and left the building with no shadow.

With everything in motion, we were now ready to move. I gave the go and the transports moved in. Also you should know that by now, more teammates had arrived and due to the more dangerous situation, they moved in close to the building. At this time, we casually sent three of our fake guards in and they moved along the wall near the offices waiting to see if the guards reacted. Then once close, they moved toward the guards that were near the girls. They moved up to meet our fake guards and never had a clue. All were put to sleep fast and our female teammate quickly told the girls to be quiet and that we were there to get them out. All nodded their heads and some even smiled with a few having tears. Two of our teammates quickly cut the chains and they all moved quietly to the exit without raising any notice.

Outside, the girls were separated and put into the transports that had travel business logos on their sides. The team was now on the move! We were lucky to have so many teammates so; I guess we can thank covid. The transports felt very safe on exit. They went in different directions and again at the first intersection to then meet up outside of town. They made it to the safe house; only one was needed and it felt better with all the girls together. They always seem to bond quickly when in captivity. There was, as intel told us, 41 girls ages 9 to 14. They were all local girls because they were all dark skinned so we knew covid had also helped in hampering their transportation into their captivity. For those that are new here, the light skinned girls are preferred and come mostly from Vietnam. All the girls were in ok health, just hungry and malnourished. Next, came the normal routine with new clothes and they were bathed, fed and told what would be happening to them next.

Rescued : 41

Rescues to date: 2055



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