September Rescue Mission Report 2021

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September Rescue Mission Report 2021

While in Houston, we got a call for help from several Missionaries south of us. We made arrangements very easily with no big C restrictions. It looks like we have a new enemy army to add to our list. 

The first challenge would be to cross the border. We loaded up in a Humvee and headed into an area where we had the most promise of not being detected. It turned out to be easy, we just joined several other trucks going in both directions across the border. We saw loads of drugs, women, and children but we did not see any men except those driving. We did not know it at the time but this would be the least of the sadness we would experience on this mission. 

We made our way to a private airport and got transportation to the location we would be working in. We knew we would need a lot of help from the locals  with the cargo we chose to save. This area was actually inviting us to do this work. That was really new for the team so vetting those we chose to help us was really easy and overwhelming. They would do anything for us. Everyone we interviewed was organic and you could almost see the light coming from their hearts. You know that moment when you know you are bathing in purity; this was one of those moments. We asked for transport and they provided us with a large selection of anything we could dream of.

The area had many exit points and we had 30 teammates with a lot of spotters, not just spotters but families, business owners, police, military, and just about anyone you can think of. This had problems associated with it but it was controlled. Before I got there, there was a meeting of the local leaders, not government but all private individuals. My team had laid down the law and over a 10 hour meeting theyexplained how it would work and what they needed to do. The essential people had strict orders to stick to our rules. These people were over-the-top eager to save these kids. That was the biggest problem we faced other than the gangs. In a way we gave it a military form, each had levels of command. This way, we had several small and community groups. We also had to face the concern of people talking. That is why we factioned into small groups but we had many groups. Also, only a few knew exactly what we would be doing and where. Each of us wore an identifying mark so that the leaders we chose would know it was us in the rescue situations. This way we could go undetected with only a few knowing it was us and to act accordingly. 

In a nutshell, we had great many people willing to do anything to save these kids and that was total chaos. So, we gave them all jobs and enforced the truth that to break our rules would mean failure and have the opposite effect on the mission at hand. So, at any moment, if it went south we would cut and run. Death was not part of our plan for anyone. To note success with this, we would have locals taking care of all the needs of the rescued from this point on. No worries in this one unlike the struggle we have everywhere else. That was one of the biggest reasons we could make this happen. 

We would be working in open areas of the city. Unlike other rescues, this would be to our advantage but unfamiliar. The standard in and out would be normal but the liberation would be fully based on “let the situation determine the action”. The area was overrun with illegals and major gangs so we would step softly with a big stick. Each teammate would have many of our eyes on them and ready to solve any problem that could arise. These illegals had crippled the locals in so many ways. They had set up shops in front of businesses, trashed the city, using any open space to leave bodily fluids, violence, rape, torture, murder, and there was always one of them looking for someone to kill. The locals were held captive to this situation in every aspect of their lives. If something good could happen it would do so much to stop them from feeling so hopeless. It was a time bomb waiting to go off. Maybe our job could turn this all around. So we committed.

We had an interview with some media doing the real work there and they gave us the info we needed to make the plans. We roamed the streets with each team in certain areas with an over watch guiding them. Our goal was to save these infants that were being sold and given to gang members and those with nefarious actions. The intel that was given to us was to locate males with a infant and ask them where the mother was. The unified answer was “I had fight with my wife so I brought this kid with me”. When we took the kid and if there was no resistance, we knew the kid was trafficked. FYI, each of these kids was abused and had damage to their bodies. They are flung around like luggage, dropped and drug across the ground. Anytime they are on the move, the males would carry the child only by the arm without the child even touching the ground. Most of the children were not able to walk on their own. We did not need a degree in rocket science to know what we were seeing. This is why we were contacted and had the support of the entire community. You must know how horrifying it was for them to see this. They were in fear of their lives each and every moment of their lives. They could do nothing and some have died trying to save these children. So, I think you can understand how all this came to be. We were not just rescuing children but an entire city. 

We moved in two by two each into their own area. First, when one was approached and confirmed, the kid was saved. But, a gang member was spotted watching and the team over watch waited to see if there was any action or movement from the gang member but he looked and did not move. He just continued to eat his food. After the child was secure, the team continued to watch the gang member and he just did nothing but watch everyone. If he chose to be a threat, we would know and by then it would be too late for him. Then we notified everyone of what had just happened and we adapted. We avoided anywhere we found gang members. We picked up the babies one by one and every single time we got the same answer that we had been told they would give us. None resisted and almost seemed relieved. The majority of the infants were barely alive. It was wearing hard on the team witnessing these events. It reached a point that it was getting so risky that teammates were getting over daring. The witnessing of the horror was begging to have an effect on the safety of the locals and us. I called it. We had acquired 33 infants and 22 slightly older that could walk but their feet were in such bad condition walking was not happening. 

The transports had several nuns that were not like nuns we were used to. They were warriors. They actually were glad and they were on our side. No matter how tough we knew they were, they had this touch and beauty about them that they just made you feel safe and were so bright. The children were in good hands. There would be no worries about this part. We had traveled some really difficult roads to the locations and there was never a threat of shadows. Still, we followed protocol. No safe houses were needed due to the remote areas we were going into. Many of the nuns were from other locations and came together to assist us. This may have been our first rescue that we became just a few gears in the engine. It was almost like it is supposed to be. 

This was the quietest rescue I think I have ever experienced. No one spoke, everyone was on the verge of tears, but tears did not come, except for the one Marine who had just joined us as you remember. After a few hours, we were informed that all would make it but many would be touch and go till they were filled with food and love. It was the same at all the locations the kids were taken to. It was also the first time we all got fed. Of course we did not sit at the table but food was brought to us at our lookout positions. We would be there till morning before we all went our separate ways. Then at 5 in the morning, the nuns began showing us around to all the things that needed fixed and where the materials were. I got everyone moving to move out but most of them got captured by the nuns. I, with my three, escaped and I got back to my other work. 

Previous total 2055

This rescue 55

New total: 2110

Twitter: TheQuestECSS@questslavery

Rumble: EndingChildSexSlavery

MeWe: ZaysanZaysan

Youtube: The Quest Human Trafficking

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