The Quest ECSS Human Trafficking Updates: July strong

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Most child brothels are not in business during this time.

Our kids are doing well with still no cases of the China virus in any of our kids or staff. They are actually having fun with their jobs, as we call it. As I told you before, they all have assigned duties and compete against each other to keep all things clean and so on.

Food is a real problem. In many places it is only at the mall that they can get food and it is 3x the normal price. None of the open markets are allowed to be open. The good thing is that we had already put private sources in place in most of the areas we work out of. Yet, it is still not enough but we are making it work. The Teams own a home that is not fully operational yet but are producing fish and canning foods for this exact reason. So, they at least are not in as bad a situation as all the rest.


I’m not a doctor but this is the science.

It’s really frustrating when you know covid has a 97.9 % survival rate and the delta is more contagious but even higher survival rate.

Also, children are very unlikely to get it and if they do, it is less than a cold.

Of course if you have a medical problem like respiratory issues, yes it can be bad like the flu.

Lock downs have been found to be useless and masks really have no effect unless you are an infected person.

Also, you are not supposed to use a mask over 3 hours.

Our kids wore masks for a few weeks and none wear them anymore.

Even more, it is a physiological problem. Subsidies are skyrocketing and this is just one of many examples.

It appears this is a Government Power Play around the world. That is just my opinion.


Like I said above, the brothels are closed due to covid restrictions. We have also been watching the hospitals that have doctors that harvest live organs from the sick kids are also not doing this business. The Tourist businesses also have shut down.

There is one trafficking business that is skyrocketing:

Many of these children’s families have taken loans during the lock down. Now, to repay the money, they are being hounded by loan sharks. This is putting further pressure on these children to earn and support their families. More and more of these families can’t pay their debt, none can, but they are giving their daughters to these loan sharks as partial payment.

These kids are being sold to Gangs, special businesses, and even individuals.

The bad thing about this is that these kids are the most difficult to find and are more inside operations. We are watching in our areas but that is even difficult because police are everywhere checking why people are out. The only people that are allowed to move about are those getting necessities. High fines are given if you are caught out without reason. They are confiscating their bikes and cars if you don’t have the money to pay the fine directly.

All said, there is one area of operation that has not shut down their brothels and several team members are making their way to these locations. As I said before, it is almost impossible to travel. So, stay tuned for more rescues.

Another good thing is we have been doing a lot of rebuilding of our Homes that house our kids making them even more secure and safe for our kids.

So that’s our latest update.

Rescues to date: 2014

Twitter: TheQuestECSS@questslavery

Rumble: EndingChildSexSlavery

MeWe: ZaysanZaysan

YouTube: The Quest Human Trafficking

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