Mission Report 101422

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Mission Report 101422

The Quest ECSS

Human Trafficking


Mission Report 101422



Road on way to border Asia



No individual organizations Middle men travel this route to sell kids to brothels.


Night time dark empty road Not much traffic at late hours. Sitting back and watching with night vision will see these transports on a regular basis. We have not been here in some time and now that all the countries in my areas of interest are opening back up. So we know this road will have more traffic with the cargo we are looking for.



We know this area well and all the side roads as well as friends to us. We will have several teammates along the road hiding and waiting till we identify the cargo we are looking for. Our transports will wait in the shadows till we stop the middle men on the road. Then check cargo and if it is ours we will move them off road and collect our girls. Then disable transport and secure driver or drivers to it. Their clothes will be removed. The intent is for them to lose face. We will leave our calling cards. Then after we have enough kids we will take them to a safe house to be checked. Expectations are these kids will not be in bad shape yet because they have not made it to a brothel yet.


In 4 hours we delayed 7 drivers and rescued 19 girls ages 10 to 13.



Rescued:  19

Previous total: 2476

Grand Total: 2495

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