Mission Report 10422

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Mission Report 10422

The Quest ECSS

Human Trafficking


Mission Report 10422



Outside center city



Local Police and Government officials


Child Brothel in a small building with 8 rooms located separate from any other buildings. Is in a area mostly of homes and small businesses. 8 girls ages 8 to 12 with two guards, off duty and on duty Police.



Distract any police action causing disturbance elsewhere in town. Set up a buffer between the disturbance and the brothel to make sure no one associated with the brothel will be aware of rescue.

Set up 4 transports that blend into the local environment and move in when ready. Teammates will be activated that are waiting behind the brothel and the transports will stop in front that are loaded with teammates then they will exit and disable and put to sleep the two guards. Other teammates will gather the girls and put them in the transports. Transports will have a driver and one teammate. The other teammates will be picked up by motorcycle team then shadow the girls till we reach a secure site where they will be put in a bigger transport then to a safe house. Our spotters will continue to watch making sure no bad guys are aware of what just took place. Then the girls will be taken to their new home.


All went exactly as planned with 8 rescued. All were weak as expected and were happy with their home.



Rescued:  8

Previous total: 2468

Grand Total: 2476

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