Mission Report 102122

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Mission Report 102122

The Quest ECSS

Human Trafficking


Mission Report 102122



Edge of town One road in and out



Local business owner



Small brothel with 14 kids seems in less than fair condition. Ages 9 to 12. One road that passes that is not very busy. Clients are regulars or the owner catering to his clients. No running water. Minimal electric. Building is separate from others and is stand alone. Two guards normally sit outside because enter and exit is in front. They are known to sell off any child who gets sick. If they cannot sell to another brothel they sell to hospital for parts. Security is low and the road away gets remote. We will have options to Safe Houses.



Surround brothel at dark then send in Transport big enough for all 14 kids. As transport is moving in those laying in wait will take down the guards. Our volunteers will just blend in as locals or traffic and watch and notify if anything changes. Once transport is in place with two female teammates they will enter and collect the kids and briefly let them know what is going on. Then quickly move them to the transport then to the Safe House to be checked over bathed new clothes and a gift, then if all is secure they will move on to their new home.



All went perfectly and all kids needed food and cleaned up. Kids are safe and happy.



Rescued:  14 ages 9 to 12

Previous total: 2495

Grand Total: 2509

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