Mission Report 102822

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The Quest ECSS

Human Trafficking

Mission Report 102822


Village rescue. Small village a short distance from a large city. Used by mostly business men. It is private so it makes it attractive to those that do not want their visits to be known. For this they are willing to pay more. Most of the brothels we rescue at charge about $6 USD. This one has an average price of $15 USD. It is remote in relation to no neighbors and is on the edge of a forest next to the mountains. There are only 3 nearby roads. One away into back country Two back into the city and Three thru the mountains.



By a local gang with about 300 members. Have ties to the business community, police and government officials.


There are 10 kids in there and all are in fair condition. Weak but not starving. There is 2 armed guards at all times much of the time they sleep in shifts and at night drink till they pass out. One always stays somewhat awake. That will be to our advantage.


Team will set up towards night in the mountains and wait till brothel is clear of customers then take position around the building. At a distance will be our transports. They will watch and make sure no traffic is on the roads. Ones all is set the team surrounding the building will take out the guards and signal the transports in. The Transports will have Two nuns with us and several female teammates. The team will hold outside the building till the transports arrive then the nuns and two female teammates will enter and gather the kids and load on the transports. At this time they will head over the mountain to the safe house. There the girls will be looked over and as usual cleaned clothed fed and be advised what all is happening. From there they will go to their new home.


All went as planned and took about 5 minutes in and out. The guards were stripped and duck taped together and left on front porch. The girls were as we thought, weak and abused but will make full recovery. They made it to their new home and are now thriving as little girls should.



Rescued: 10

Previous total: 2509

Grand Total: 2519

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