Mission Report 11522

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The Quest ECSS

Human Trafficking


Mission Report 11522



Central City



Government/ Business man



2 sick girls at brothel sick and the owner unable to sell to another brothel so sold to Doctor at hospital to remove and sell organs. One of our informants told us of the situation. The brothel itself nearby has 24 kids and all in poor shape. If this owner was willing to sell his kids for body parts we needed to shut him down. Hospital in open in central city at busy intersection. The brothel at edge of central city. Several routes out. Two guards at any given time.


I instructed commander to intercept the two on the way to the hospital. This was a call in from a volunteer. Commander will send two teammates to retrieve the girls then return them to a nurse we know. We would check on them after we rescued the 24 at the brothel. Then we scrambled all the teammates near by. Once they were in route we set up the safe house that one of our volunteers has. Then plan to just storm the brothel in daylight. We do not normally do this but due to the circumstance we needed to make it quick and believed it would be to our advantage. We got 3 nuns near our location and they were all in and on the way. We got a bus transport with 4 teammates to shadow the exit. Two teammates to breach the door (only one way in and out) then 5 teammates with the three nuns would enter and gather the girls then exit. Then to nearby business we know where we could drive the bus in and put the girls into other transports to safe house. At safe house we would check the girls and make sure they to stand the ride to the destination.


All went as planned. The two headed for the hospital only had one person transporting and was dealt with and we liberated the transport. Were examined and found to have covid and would recover on their own. They were kept at a volunteers house till they recovered.

The brothel was, lets put it shock and awe! We drove the bus directly in front of the door and the guards were taken down stripped and duck taped together and left on the porch. The nuns told the kids what was going on and quickly taken to the bus. Many needed carried. Soldiers were seen carrying two girls at a time. We got to the warehouse to change transports then to safe house. We checked all kids for covid and all were good, they would be checked again at destination. All needed food and rest. They were bathed clothed and fed all they could eat. It was best to keep them there for a day before transporting. All arrived safety at the destination where they would begin the best phase of their lives.



Rescued:  24 +2 = 26

Previous total: 2519

Grand Total: 2545

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