Mission Report 9922

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Mission Report 9922

The Quest ECSS Human Trafficking


Bamboo complex 3 km outside town

It is one of 4 buildings where other crimes take place Drugs, Thugs etc.


Large Gang in Asia


14 kids in poor shape , this is a very dark location and heavy guarded. Sets alone from any normal people or businesses. There is a mountain range about 1 km away. Two guards and a madam inside the building holding these kids. The other buildings are busy with their businesses. This complex is powerful and we do not expect anyone to come there without their purpose. We will have to watch the other businesses if we get any attention from them then remove the threat. We will need to have only one truck big enough to draw the least amount of attention. Timing will be everything.


We will send Teammates from all directions to set up at each building to monitor any attention then if any is activated will end the rescue.

We will have 30 teammates on this one due to the complexity and to prevent any harm to anyone, yes even the bad guys.

Teammates will set up near the complex just outside target at a distance where they will not be noticed till activation. They will follow rescue truck as it leaves and protect it.

Truck will drive in with 7 teammates 2 being female. Once they are in front of the brothel they will pause to see if we drew any attention. Trucks like this are not common their at the brothel but are at the other buildings. After a pause they will enter fast and other teammates by this time will have surrounded the building from the back. Once in it will be necessary to stay stealth to not alarm the kids who will make noise. Then the guards and madam will be put down and secured, our playing cards will be left on them. The female teammates will then grab all the kids with short instruction in a way to calm them. Then move to the truck just outside. All attention will be on the surrounding buildings. Once kids are on the truck they will leave to road and toward the mountain pass. The team on the ground will stay till there is no activity then clear to catch up with our truck. Then to the safe house or houses. Kids will be checked over and made sure they can travel safely and then to the new home.


Went exactly as planned and were rather amazed no one paid any attention. The kids were all in really bad shape. They had not been fed for some time inorder to keep them weak. They were very dirty and smelled. At safe house that was all addressed and kids seemed really happy for this change.


Rescued:  14

Previous total: 2454

Grand Total: 2468

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